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iPad App-Citement!

  1. iPad App-citement!Tiffany Brand Technology Instructor, Dover Adult Learning Center
  2. What’s Different? • Instant on – no waiting for boot-up • Long battery life • Packs a lot in a small package – Internet, cameras, document storage, content creation, games, … • Apps, apps and more apps – many free, for so many different tasks. • “Walled Garden” – you can’t “see” your files like you can on a hard drive. Everything is controlled by individual apps and passed between them, to the cloud, or emailed out.
  3. The Right Tool… • Use the right tool for the job – it won’t always be the iPad • How are we using technology to transform learning experiences? • SAMR – Substitution – Augmentation – Modification – Redefinition • Today we’ll see some things that I think the iPad excels at…
  4. Open an App • Tap on an app to open it. • Click the Home button to leave an app
  5. Install Apps • Tap “App Store” to shop for free and paid apps • Search for something in particular, or browse categories.
  6. Install Apps • Apps can be Free or cost $$ • Tap on the name of the app for more information and reviews.
  7. Install Apps • Click the Free or Price button and then Install App • Enter the password for your Apple ID • The app icon will show up in an open spot on your Home pages
  8. Organize Apps • Tap and hold on an app until they all jiggle • Drag apps around to rearrange them • Drag apps to the right to add another home screen. • Click the Home button to stop organizing
  9. App-Citement! • Most of the apps we’ll talk about today are FREE • The ones that are not will be marked with the current price • Some apps are free, but have premium features that are an extra cost
  10. APP-CITEMENT! Personal Productivity
  11. Personal Productivity • Heading in the direction of being “paperless” • Have whatyou need at your fingertips whereveryou are.
  12. Evernote • Evernote app link • • iPad/smartphone app and PC/Mac application • Record text, images, and audio • Will recognize handwritten notes – words are SEARCHABLE!
  13. Penultimate • Penultimate app link • ultimate/ • Handwriting app that integrates with Evernote • Draw and write • Different colors, move drawings around. • Handwritten text is searchable in Evernote
  14. CloudOn • CloudOn app link • • MS Office on the go • Integrates with cloud storage services – Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive, etc. • View and edit MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint docs.
  15. APP-CITEMENT! Creativity
  16. Creativity • Multimedia creation at your fingertips • What used to take multiple devices, can now be done with 1 iPad • Manipulate photos & drawings, publish and create books, movies, and more!
  17. Drawing • Drawing tools at your fingertips • Collage • Mark up photos
  18. Doodle Buddy • Doodle Buddy app link • Create simple drawings with your fingers • Add text • Draw over photos too! art-classroom
  19. Skitch • Skitch app link • Also integrates with Evernote • Mark up/draw right on images • Photos, web site screen shots, maps, etc.
  20. Skitch Examples • Students create a scene in another app – Make A Scene Farmyard that represents a math concept and mark it up that scene in Skitch to demonstrate • http://carnazzosclass. plication+Situations
  21. Skitch Examples • Take a picture of student work with the iPad and then have them explain it to the class while projecting and marking up with Skitch skitch-in-your-classroom.html • 2014
  22. E-Books • Writing • Art • Audio – narration • Video • Publishing = more than printing! Share with a wider audience.
  23. StoryKit • StoryKit app link • Create books with words, pictures and sound • Books can be viewed on the iPad where it was created or on the web with a private web link • Simple, not flashy interface
  24. StoryKit Examples • Review of StoryKit - kit.html • Example of a StoryKit story on the web: bin/ • 5th Grade Social Studies examples: american-storykit-projects.html
  25. Book Creator • Book Creator app link • $4.99 (There is a free version which lets you create 1 book.) • More powerful than StoryKit • Let’s you create multimedia epub books that can be read in iBooks and other book readers.
  26. Book Creator Examples • -in-action-legends-in-the-making.html • book-creator/ • Science - • Sharing – iPads, e-readers, or on a computer with the free Readium Chrome extension -
  27. Video Apps • Plan, shoot and edit all on one device • Special effects – slow motion, time lapse – great for science appliations • Whiteboard-style videos to teach and explain thinking/learning
  28. Animoto • Animoto app link • Automatic creation of videos • Free version limited to 30 seconds • Can share with web link • Currently a phone app, but iPad soon
  29. Animoto Examples • Poetry – Haiku • Book Trailers – The Homework Machine and more
  30. iMovie • iMovie app link $4.99 • Full featured movie editor – combine video, stills, music, narration, etc. • Style templates to make creation easy and also templates for “motion picture trailer” style movies. • Send out to YouTube, Vimeo, or Camera Roll (can send to DropBox from there)
  31. iMovie Examples • reating-book-trailer-in-imovie.html • 7/readbox-qr-codes-book-trailers-with.html Book Trailers:
  32. Slo Pro • Slo Pro app link – free for basic features • Record slow motion video • Export to YouTube or Instagram • $3.99 for advanced features – export to camera roll, remove watermark
  33. Slo Pro Example • 04/slow-motion-science.html Slow Motion Science
  34. IMotion HD • iMotion HD app link • Record stop-motion and time-lapse video. • Saves video to Camera Roll where it can be exported.
  35. IMotion HD Resources • tml • time-lapse-videos/
  36. Educreations • Educreations app link • Record whiteboard style videos • Describe concepts learned or teach lessons. • Recordings can be shared from the website (account creation required)
  37. APP-CITEMENT! Augmented Reality
  38. QR Codes • Make real-life interactive – QR codes on posters, objects, even a skeleton! -the-skeleton-with-qr-codes/
  39. QR Codes • Interactive timeline
  40. Making QR Codes • • Create a QR Code in Less Than One Minute
  41. Scanning QR Codes • Scan app
  42. APP-CITEMENT! Subject Area Apps
  43. Subject Area Apps • So Many! You just have to try them to find ones you like for your class. • Many education websites have lists of apps to check out: /wps-ipad-workshops • Google is your friend! “Best iPad apps elementary Social Studies” • Here are a few examples…
  44. Math • Sushi Monster – practice math facts • Bar Model apps - Thinking Blocks – Addition also Multiplication, Ratios, and Fractions
  45. Language Arts • Spelling City – works with – games with spelling lists – teachers can create lists and the students can play games with the words.
  46. Science • NASA • Bill Nye the Science Guy
  47. Social Studies • World Book This Day in History • American Revolution Interactive Timeline
  48. APP-CITEMENT! Next Steps…
  49. Get Started • What apps will work in your classroom to transform learning experiences? • SAMR – Substitution – Augmentation – Modification – Redefinition • Pick one app to try, get to know it, and use it. See what works and what doesn’t!
  50. Questions?