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Designing and testing software define cars

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Designing and testing software define cars

  1. 1. Designing and Testing Software Defined Cars Developing Complex Systems Faster and Cheaper with LabVIEW Graphical System Design Thorsten Mayer, Marketing Director (Eastern Europe) Stephan Ahrends, Manager Embedded Systems (Europe) ni.com
  2. 2. Bose® Suspension Front Module ni.com
  3. 3. Corporate Background Revenue (Millions) • Leaders in Computer-based Measurement and Automation • Long-term Track Record of Growth and Profitability • R&D Investment: >18% of Annual Income in 2009 • More than 5,100 employees; operations in 40+ countries • Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For: 11 Consecutive Years • More than 600 Alliance Partners ni.com
  4. 4. NI Automotive Customers…to name a few more ni.com
  5. 5. Top 10 Emerging Source Countries for Automotive Parts ( % of world market) Slovakia Top Suppliers inin Central Eastern Europe Top Suppliers Central Eastern Europe Romania BOSCH BOSCH Delphi Delphi Taiwan Continental Continental Valeo Valeo Brazil Faurecia Faurecia Czech Republic Visteon Visteon TRW TRW South Korea Lear Lear Johnson Controls Johnson Controls Poland Magneti Marelli Magneti Marelli Hungary China Mexico 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Source: www.global-production.com ni.com
  6. 6. “90% of innovations in the car are related to electrics and electronics, within this, 80% is software…” Ricky Hudi Head of Electrics/Electronics Development at Audi ni.com
  7. 7. …Computer on Wheels Mechanics and hydraulics Electromechanics 3 ECUs 15 to 80 ECUs AM/FM radio Infotainment , Communications Relay-control units Power-control units CAN CAN, FlexRay, MOST, IDB ... ni.com
  8. 8. …Software Defines The Functionality ni.com
  9. 9. …Software Defines The Functionality Great benefits but also a few challenges… • Extremely short innovation cycle (24 months as opposed to 60 months several years ago) while meeting quality standards • Inhomogeneous tool chains for design, product validation, component test, and manufacturing. • Ability to integrate rapidly new technologies and industry standards into design and test platform ni.com
  10. 10. Automotive Development Cycle – The V Diagram Requirements Complete Gathering System Test Integration Design Test Rapid Product Prototyping Validation Deployment ni.com
  11. 11. Automotive Design – Closed Loop Control Requirements Complete Gathering System Test Kc Kp Integration Design Test Hardware-in- Rapid the-Loop Kc Kp Prototyping Kc Kp Validation Deployment ni.com
  12. 12. Common Components Hardware APIs Analysis Libraries Custom User Interfaces Deployment Targets Technology Abstractions Programming Approaches ni.com
  13. 13. Time for Integration? Hardware APIs Analysis Libraries Custom User Interfaces Deployment Targets Technology Abstractions Programming Approaches ni.com
  14. 14. Need for Graphical System Representation Hardware APIs Analysis Libraries Custom User Interfaces Technology Abstractions Programming Approaches ni.com
  15. 15. Compatible Elements … Hardware APIs Analysis Libraries Custom User Interfaces Technology Abstractions Programming Approaches ni.com
  16. 16. … with efficient connection ni.com
  17. 17. ni.com
  18. 18. Benefits of LabVIEW Graphical System Design Simulation Hardware I/O Graphical Dataflow State Diagram Math Script ni.com
  19. 19. Control and Test Platforms Reconfigurable I/O, Programmable Hardware ni.com
  20. 20. Accelerating Platform - Control: CompactRIO Point-to-Point C Series FPGA FPGA Data Links Parallel I/O LabVIEW Real-Time Thread-Safe Libraries Multithreaded RT OS LabVIEW FPGA ni.com
  21. 21. Designing and Implementing a Real-Time Embedded Control System for an Automotive Fuel Cell System "Ford has a long history with NI, and we have used LabVIEW to develop various aspects of every fuel cell electric vehicle that we produce and to successfully design and implement a real-time embedded control system for an automotive FCS." – Kurt D. Osborne - Ford Motor Company ni.com
  22. 22. Automotive Development Cycle – The V Diagram Requirements Production Gathering Test Integration Design Test Hardware-in- Rapid Product the-Loop Prototyping Validation Validation Deployment ni.com
  23. 23. Accelerating Platform - Test: PXI PXIe-8133 PXI Express R Series PXI DAQ Modular Intel Quad Core Bus 5M Gate FPGA Instruments Windows or RT OS or both LabVIEW Sound & Vibration Toolkit, Vision Module … NI-DAQmx, NI-DMM, NI-Scope… ni.com
  24. 24. Real-Time Testing HIL Test Cells Embedded Software Model-based test cells, Mechanical Testing Validation HIL with mechanical (Durability, Dyno, (HIL, MIL, SIL, RCP) components Environmental …) Real-Time Testing and Simulation Software ni.com
  25. 25. NI VeriStand Helps You… • Reduce development time without reducing flexibility Architecture design, implementation, debugging, documentation of real-time application, host interface, and communication between them • Reduce maintenance costs OS and I/O hardware support, feature and performance innovation, continuous quality improvement ni.com
  26. 26. Body Control Unit Testing “The real-time stimulus profile tools work the way that a test engineer thinks and does not require knowledge of additional programming languages to utilize them. With this capability, our engineers are able to focus on their jobs – identifying potential module failures – which ultimately results in more issues identified and resolved.” – Jason Bauman, Lear Corp. ni.com
  27. 27. Automotive Development Cycle – The V Diagram Requirements Production Gathering Test Integration Design Test Integration Test Rapid Product • Engine Test Cells Prototyping Validation • In-Vehicle Data Logging • Safety Tests Deployment ni.com
  28. 28. Crash Test Analysis, VOLVO Cars  VOLVO’s state of the art vehicle safety center utilizes NI DIAdem  Complete evaluation system tailored to VOLVO‘s requirements based upon NI DIAdem  Data processing for currently 350-400 full scale crash tests per year ni.com
  29. 29. Automotive Development Cycle – The V Diagram Requirements Production Gathering Test Production Test Design Integration • End-Of-Line Test Test • Functional Tests • In-Circuit Test Rapid Product Prototyping Validation Deployment ni.com
  30. 30. Testing Automotive Electronics Components Function Generator Programmable Switch Automotive Communications Analyzer Oscilloscope Telematics Pattern Generator Logic Analyzer Power Supply LCR Meter DMM Spectrum Analyzer ni.com
  31. 31. Testing Automotive Electronics Components Function • Flexibility Generator Programmable Switch  Automotive User-defined system deployable to a wide variety of applications Communications Analyzer Oscilloscope Telematics • Performance  Measurement quality, high test throughput • Lower cost Pattern Generator  Initial system, maintenance, reuse/flexibility • Reduced size Logic Analyzer  Small form factor, fewer instruments for same measurements • Longevity and upgradability Power Supply  Industry standard that enables use of technology upgrades LCR Meter DMM Spectrum Analyzer ni.com
  32. 32. PXI –Platform for Virtual Instruments GSM Tester BT Tester Spectrum Radiotester Power Meter Multi-Protocol DUT GPS Tester ni.com
  33. 33. End-Of-Line Test – Automotive ECUs • Providing an innovative and cost-effective functional engine control unit (ECU) and electronic control module (ECM) test solution for high-volume manufacturing. • Development based on open standards NI PXI and TestStand with comprehensive test functionality and short cycle times. • High-Precision DAQ, High-Speed Digital I/O, PXI/CompactPCI • NI LabVIEW, TestStand "With TestStand and the HFT3000-ECU, test engineers can get a test system up and running quickly, or modify an existing test sequence with minimal effort." ni.com
  34. 34. Automotive Communication Test Platform • Cost-effective, complex, portable system that captures live RF for later playback in the laboratory in order to reproduce the real-life environment • NI PXI platform and NI RF instruments to develop a reliable system that meets the requirements of a record and playback system for recording RF signals such as radio, video, GPS, wireless, and others. • RF Measurements, Modular Instruments, PXI/CompactPCI, • NI LabVIEW ""When you’re dealing with the most prestigious automakers in the world, quality is of the utmost concern. The high-throughput RF streaming capabilities of NI PXI technology has made it efficient for us to record and play back all common analog and broadcast signals in use today, including AM/FM, GPS and HD Radio" ni.com
  35. 35. End-Of-Line Test – Headlights • Building a stand-alone production test machine for automatic adjustment of car headlamps to achieve accurate color rendition on the upper edge of the light cone. • Using NI LabVIEW and NI-IMAQ vision to create fully automated image analysis software that provides adjustment data • Image Acquisition and Machine Vision Bundle for NI Developer Suite, NI LabVIEW "The software application developed with LabVIEW and NI-IMAQ vision performs the mathematical evaluation of the picture projected on the focusing screen.“ - Michal Harhaj - ELCOM, a.s. ni.com
  36. 36. New Products Fueling Automotive Test Development LabVIEW 2010 NI VeriStand 2010 DIAdem 2010 •Code Executes 20% Faster •Multitarget Configurations •GPS and Sound •Numerous New Features from •Support for CompactRIO Synchronization LabVIEW Idea Exchange •Easier Integration of LabVIEW •Maps View Compact RIO USB X Series Ethernet cDAQ •Ethernet and MXI Options •STC3 for Timing •Modular Measurements •20.000+ Channels •Simultaneous Sampling •System All Over the World •Measurements All Over The World ni.com
  37. 37. Universal Network Platform NI-X NET PXI/PCI Interfaces LabVIEW API Database Editor C/CVI API Bus monitor 37
  38. 38. Accelerating Automotive Development “To do for embedded what the PC did for the desktop.” Graphical System Design Virtual Instrumentation Embedded Systems Instrumentation Real-Time Industrial Control RF Measurements RT/FPGA Systems Digital Embedded Monitoring Electronic Devices Distributed Hardware-in-the-Loop C Code Generation DESIGN PROTOTYPE DEPLOY ni.com
  39. 39. ni.com/automotive ni.com
  40. 40. Thank you for your attention! ni.com/automotive Bridging Design and Test with Graphical System Design ni.com