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ENA-TS 12-23 Centriforce Tape Tile Underground Cable Tape

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ENA-TS 12-23 Centriforce Tape Tile Underground Cable Tape

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ENA-TS 12-23 Centriforce Tape Tile Underground Cable Tape

  1. 1. Tapetile cable protection tape provides a clear visual warning of underground utility services and helps protect against possible accidental damage. The protection tape is made up of a printed warning laminated to the surface of the base material. This product is designed to comply with Energy Network Association Technical Specification (ENA-TS) 12-23. Issue 3, 2013 Material The tapes are manufactured from reconstituted polyethylene. Only additives required to facilitate the required finish, strength, durability, colour and opacity are added. Centriforce Products Limited, 14 - 16 Derby Road, Liverpool, L20 8EE Tel: +44 (0) 151 207 8109 Fax: +44 (0) 151 298 1319 E-mail: sales@centriforce.co.uk For more information visit: www.centriforce.com Property Specification Test Method / ComplianceProtection Tape Length 40m (±1m) Tape Measure Width 200mm (±2mm)* Tape Measure Thickness 2.5mm (±0.3mm) Digital calliper Min.tensile strength 10MN/m² BS EN ISO 527: 1996 Elongation at break >300% BS EN ISO 527: 1996 Density 910 to 990 kg/m3 BS EN ISO 1183: 2004 Melt flow index 0.3 to 4.0 g / 10 min (2.16 kg) BS EN ISO 1133: 2005 Colours Base material Black/Greylaminated with red/brown film, or Red/Brown. Texttape Yellow, within the range given by BS 5252:1976 Group E, Code 10E53 to 10E56 Printed text Black, within the range given by BS 5252:1976 Group E, Code 00E53. Text layout Figure 1 (below) or as agreed Tapetile® cable protection tape Technical Data Sheet Ref:TDS-TCP1 11/13 Packaging and labelling The protection tape is supplied as a roll, coiled with the printing on the inside of the turn. The rolls are delivered on a pallet and protected by black shrink wrap to prevent UV damage to the tape. See Centriforce standard packaging specification for further details. Manufacturer’s notes: This product is used specifically for the protection of underground utility cables. The product should be stored internally or covered and not exposed to direct sunlight. In the event of exposure to UV radiation there is a potential for colour fade which we would expect within a 6 month period in the UK. The information given in this leaflet is true to the best of our knowledge and given in good faith. Users however must establish for themselves that the material is suitable for their specific purpose. No liability will be accepted for any loss or injury resulting from its use. The manufacturer’s policy is one of continuous improvement and development. We reserve the right to change the specification without notice and at any time. CAUTION ELECTRIC CAUTION CABLE BELOW LogoLogo M Note: Black lettering (Futura Medium) on yellow background All dimensions in mm. M Logo Manufacturer’s identification Repeat Length 660 240 300 120 12 12 153939152121 150 Figure 1. Typical warning text layout * Typical. Custom sizes available on request The Red/Brown shall be within the range given by BS5252:1976 Group D, Code 04D43 to 06D45