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ANTICIPATION Strategic Thinking External Awareness Talent Development in the New Normal for FP&A - Research and Polls 2017

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Strategic Thinking
External Awareness
Continuous Learning
Problem Solving
Business Acumen
Emotional Intelligence
Consensus Building
Risk Management
The competency of “anticipation” actually includes a number of
competencies included in many of the top companies of today and
the CPA Profession as well.
Across these models, you'll see a common theme of "strategic
thinking," "innovation" and "leading change."
Many of these organizations build (and validate) fantastic
competency models and know what they want people to do.
The beauty of the Anticipatory OrganizationTM model is
that it offers a clear process that makes highly-abstract leadership
competencies attainable and trainable.
If an organization wants to make "strategic thinking" or "innovation"
a core competency, we can provide clear, trainable activities that
can be targeted to a wide range of learners (from individual
contributors to senior leadership).
We provide the bridge between the competency model and the
desired observable behaviors.
Anticipation –The Critical Competency

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