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ADP’s Program for MACPA Members
Benefits for You & Your Firm:
▪ Free* standard payroll processing for your firm with RUN Powered by ADP®
▪ Accountant ConnectSM
– ADP’s complimentary platform for your ADP
payroll clients for payroll processing, reports, notice tracking, tax resources,
CPE and much more
▪ A dedicated ADP accountant service line
▪ Targeted industry profiles from IBISWorld and tax resources from Wolters
Benefits for Your Clients:
▪ Discounts on RUN Powered by ADP® Platform to process payroll for your
▪ 24/7 live customer service support for your RUN Powered by ADP®
▪ Solutions for all types and sizes: payroll, HR, time and attendance,
retirement services, talent solutions and more
*All free payroll and discounts apply to Clients of ADP’s Small Business Services Division with up to 49 employees and will exclude pass through costs including, but not limited to courier fees and other delivery fees, hardware, or penalty and interest fees due to
inaccurate or late filings as well as errors in processing that, in each such case, were not caused by ADP. Must be set-up for Direct Debit of Fees as the payment method.
ADP, the ADP logo and RUN Powered by ADP are registered trademarks of ADP, LLC. ADP A more human resource
800-844-375-1ADP (1237)

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