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Some Examples http://bit.ly/BLIaoaf Hard Trend MACPA Professional Issues Update & TownHall - Fall 2018

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Some Examples
Hard Trend Opportunity Predictable Problem
Increasing use of AI & Machine Learning in
100% Sampling, Increased analytics and
decreased staff costs
Competition could beat us in price and
Increase in Baby boomers retiring Increased need for retirement, wealth and
succession planning for clients
Loss of clients if other firms do it and we
Increase in tax implications of TCJA and
Supreme Court Sales Tax case
SALT services for clients and planning
opportunities with our insights
Clients will seek others if we don’t do this
Increase in cloud accounting systems and
Significant efficiency from automatic
accounting apps, data analytics for clients
CAS & outsource CFO are fastest growing
firm services and our competition will get
ahead of us
Increase in cloud practice management
systems & apps in CPA firms
Cloud allows efficiencies and remote
access by our teams
Firm team members view firm as using
obsolete technology and may look at other

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