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Leadership in a VUCA World - AICPA PSTECH 2016

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VUCA stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity and describes the fast-arriving future we are living in. This inspirational session will talk about how leadership, culture, and talent management are changing in these exponential times. Participants thru an exercise to leave with a person action plan.

Learning Objective: 
Understand emerging trends and issues facing business and CPA Profession.
Learn about how leadership is changing to lead change in rapidly changing times.
Develop an action plan to take back and apply the principles learned.

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Leadership in a VUCA World - AICPA PSTECH 2016

  1. ARIA Resort & Casino Las Vegas, NV Session 52 VUCA – How to Lead and Succeed in Exponential Times June 7, 2016; 11:20-12:35pm Tom Hood, CPA, CITP, CGMA Practitioners Symposium AND TECH+ Conference @tomhood @blionline #PSTech
  2. Vote for a question Respond to Poll Ask a Question BLI.CNF.IO Select your session and join the conversation:
  3. Download today’s slides at … www.SlideShare.net/thoodcpa
  4. The # 1 Challenge
  5. Borrowed from the US Army War College,VUCA was coined byThe Institute for the Future to describe the rapidly changing and complex business environment since the Great Recession of 2008.
  6. VUCA – CPA Style Lose perspective, ‘Hunker down’
  7. #FutureReady! Is the capacity to be anticipatory (aware, predictive and adaptive) of emerging technology and trends in business, demographics, and the social environment impacting your organization and industry.! Source: CPA.COM Insight into the CPA of the Future Study 2014 92% of CPAs ! Not #futureready!
  8. The Overwhelmed Employee
  9. The  Faster  you  go,  the  Farther   Ahead  You  Have  to  Look  
  10. Leading in VUCA Times 1. Context 2. Certainty 3. Capacity 4. Competence 5. Core Purpose & Beliefs
  11. Context
  12. “We stand on the brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. In its scale, scope, and complexity, the transformation will be unlike anything humankind has experienced before.” - Klaus Schwab - WEF
  13. More Uber cars than yellow taxis on the road in NYC
  14. Race Against the Machines? Source: Frey & Osborne –The Future of Employment – Oxford University
  15. What does the future hold? Technology is changing and disintermediating many trades and professions •  Medical, Legal, Accounting Patterns and Trends •  Automation replacing routine tasks – higher order (soft skills and analytics) necessary to survive •  Alternative options to services and knowledge – automated or otherwise – Tax and Audit implications •  Globalization, specialization and consolidation changing the landscape. •  Domain expertise matters
  16. Innovation Priorities in Firms 1.  Developing new offerings that expand the value we provide to our existing clients 2.  Implementing a new offering for a specific market segment we believe has growth 3.  Developing new offerings or approaches to the market that attract new clients 4.  Realizing value to the firm from existing innovation investments 5.  Updating current offerings to be more competitive 6.  Deciding and moving forward on what our innovation priorities should be 7.  Implementing a cloud-based accounting system 2015 Innovation in Public Accounting Survey – CPA.COM
  17. Certainty
  18. HardTrends Four HardTrends: 1. Government Regulation 2. Technology 3. Demographics 4. Globalization
  19. The Shift Change 1. Leadership! 2. Learning! 3. Technology! 4. Generations! 5. Workplace!
  20. The challenge & opportunity is to make the shift from the first curve to the second curve at the right time and with the right strategy
  21. Top Ten Things Next Gen leaders Want You to Know! 1.  Look Beyond the Billable Hour 2.  More Focus on Career Development 3.  Engage Us in your Vision and Purpose 4.  More Coaching and Mentorship 5.  More Frequent Feedback 6.  More Leadership Development 7.  More Transparency 8.  Thank You! 9.  More Collaboration 10. More Focus on the Future
  22. The  New  Big  Six   Source: Gallup
  23. Capacity You must make room for the future!
  24. TheTop 6 Ways to Create Capacity in your Firm •  Maximize software & tools you have •  Use the latest and most efficient technologies •  Workflow & Process Efficiency •  Focus on your best ‘A’ clients •  Communicate your services (cross-sell) •  Engage your people
  25. Competency Disrup'ons      before  they  disrupt   Problems      before  you  have  them   Customer  Needs    before  they  have  them     New  Opportuni'es  before  the  compe??on   An?cipate   Source:  Daniel  Burrus  
  26. The Research The latest research inside and outside the CPA Profession re- affirms theTop Competencies and Skills needed by Accounting and Finance Professionals
  27. Source:The Conference Board Global Leadership Forecast 2014-2015
  28. Top Skills Needed for Accounting and Finance Professionals ! BLI Research in 2015 with over 1,000 responses from all segments of the CPA Profession identified these top skill needed to be successful in these rapidly changing times.This confirms and reinforces the research from the Conference Board, AICPA CPA Horizons 2025 report, Bersin, and Burrus Research.. 75% covered by theseTop 5 Skills
  29. •  An?cipa?on   •  Strategic   Thinking   •  External   Awareness   •  Vision   •  Con?nuous   Learning   •  Innova?on   •  Crea?vity   •  Problem  Solving   •  Priori?za?on   •  Business  Acumen   •  Decisiveness   •  Influencing/ Persuading   •  Emo?onal   Intelligence   •  Consensus   Building   •  Collabora?on   •  Inspira?on   •  Risk  Management   •  Communica?on   http://www.blionline.org/ao
  30. ANTICIPATION   Strategic  Thinking   External  Awareness   Vision   Con?nuous  Learning   Innova?on   Crea?vity   Problem  Solving   Priori?za?on   Business  Acumen   Decisiveness   Influencing/Persuading   Emo?onal  Intelligence   Consensus  Building   Collabora?on   Inspira?on   Risk  Management   The competency of “anticipation” actually includes a number of competencies included in many of the top companies of today and the CPA Profession as well. Across these models, you'll see a common theme of "strategic thinking," "innovation" and "leading change." Many of these organizations build (and validate) fantastic competency models and know what they want people to do. The beauty of the Anticipatory Organization model is that it offers a clear process that makes highly-abstract leadership competencies attainable and trainable.  If an organization wants to make "strategic thinking" or "innovation" a core competency, we can provide clear, trainable activities that can be targeted to a wide range of learners (from individual contributors to senior leadership). We provide the bridge between the competency model and the desired observable behaviors. Anticipation –The Critical Competency
  31. •  Trust •  Integrity •  Objectivity •  Excellence •  Lifelong Learning Core Purpose &Values Protect the Core & Stimulate Progress CPAs…Making sense of a changing and complex world.
  32. The VUCA Leader V – Vision & Purpose U – Understand context C – Co-create & collaborate A – Anticipation, introducing and managing change
  33. The ‘new’ Big Four 1.  Purpose Driven workplace 2.  Great leadership – trust & transparent 3.  Culture of growth 4.  Inspiring workplace – flexible and inclusive
  34. The Magnetic Firm Purpose Driven Great Leadership Culture Of Growth Inspiring Workplace Vision, Purpose andValues based Transparent and Inspirational Leadership Learning Culture - Self and Formal Development Flexible and Open Work Environment Focus on Strengths and Positivity Build Consensus and Commitment Career & Growth Orientation – Career Paths Work/Life Balance Inclusive and Diverse Leadership Development at all levels Customer focused Coaching and Feedback High Performance – Insight to Action Anticipatory and Proactive Collaborative and Team based Effective TechnologyTools - mobile
  35. 5 Steps to be Future Ready & Lead in VUCA times 1. Context 2. Certainty 3. Capacity 4. Competence 5. Core Beliefs
  36. Disruption and RONI