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CPA Summit - Leadership & New/Young Professional

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Leadership & the New / Young CPA Professional at the Maryland CPA Summit. A forum for NYPNs to collaborate and express their top issues hosted by the Mar

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CPA Summit - Leadership & New/Young Professional

  1. Leadership & the New/Young Professional MACPA CPA Summit BWI Hilton June 2, 2011 Presented by: Tom Hood, CPA.CITP CEO Maryland Association of CPAs Business Learning Institute 1
  2. Why are we here? The tornado of changes from CPA Vision Project circa 2000
  3. Welcome to the Extreme Future!1. Increased speed;2. Increased complexity 3. Increased risk4. Faster pace of change5. Surprises everywhere and everydayDr. James Canton – author of The Extreme Future
  4. Humans are fundamentally “sight” creatures We need longer sightlines during periods of rapid change And the power of making our thinking visible to others…
  5. How can we make What sense of the possibilities changing & do we see? complex world? What direction should we go? What does What new it mean to future can we us? create? How is the world changing? Who do we need to enlist to help us?
  6. How Leadership gets it done is changing! From: Command & Control To: Connect & Collaborate
  7. Leader as facilitator of powerful questions The four most  important words  for organizations  are, “what do you  think?” ‐ Tom Peters
  8. We chose to learn how to harness the winds of change
  9. Workforce & Demographics – Are you  ready for the shift change? Email Facebook Generation Generation • 5 Generations at work • Work-life balance line • The Digital divide
  10. Welcome to the New Normal! The Workplace  of the future is here1. Freedom – The freedom to work when  and where you want2. Customization – My job my life3. Scrutiny – I know what you did last night4. Integrity – Be a good company to work for5. Collaboration – Teamwork6. Entertainment – Work should be fun7. Speed – Let’s make things happen now!8. Innovation – Let me invent“…when technology, demographics and global economics collide you are faced with acategory six (6) business revolution” – Don Tapscott & Anthony Williams - Wikinomics
  11. Put the odds in your favor  Leadership = Multiplication•15 X – ROI strategy as  process & alignment• 8 X – Engagement & Trust•3 X – Positivity•20X – Return on Culture
  12. Zappos – the future of work
  13. Leadership in the new normal Three Critical Competencies Built on strengths Strengths- and positivity Future-minded Based Self-awareness and flexible mindset Leadership In the momentAbility to makeyour thinking Strategicvisible to others Thinking Engage your Collaborative and curious with the ability Network to ask powerful questions Boundary Crossing Capable of engaging and Inspiring peopleAICPA Leadership Academy – October 4-7, 2010 – Meeting summary by Business Learning Institute 14
  14. Turn your Flywheel1. Make your thinking visible to others2. Collaboration and the power of we3. Find your edge and focus on opportunities  and build on your strengths4. Strategy as process – replicate and focus  on stakeholders
  15. The only question for leadersHave I madeyou feelstronger andmore capable?Source: Emmanuel Gobillot -LeaderShift
  16. Tom Hood, CPA.CITP CEO Maryland Association of CPAs Business Learning Institute (443) 632‐2301 E‐mail tom@macpa.org Web http://www.macpa.orgBlog http://www.cpasuccess.comhttp://www,bizlearningblog.com
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