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Scrum. An Introduction.

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If you’re a (mobile) startup, you probably know how hard it is to keep everything (and everyone) organised. Developers, testers, marketers, designers, product managers, investors and every other stakeholder have to be constantly communicating, so that all project specifications are understood and internalised simultaneously.
This is just an introduction to SCRUM and its multiple benefits.

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Scrum. An Introduction.

  1. 1. SCRUM Streamline Your Mobile Product Development Process
  2. 2. WHAT IS SCRUM?
  3. 3. An efficient way of improving team work, communications and speed.
  5. 5. You are not happy with the way your team performs.
  6. 6. Team members are constantly complaining of an overscheduled agenda.
  7. 7. Everybody is terrified of the next demo.
  8. 8. The final delivered product is not what you need.
  9. 9. Chaos, chaos, chaos.
  11. 11. Planning and decision-making is done within the team.
  12. 12. The team becomes proactive and energized.
  13. 13. There is more flexibility: new features can be added and tasks can be reprioritized without altering the workflow.
  14. 14. It encourages constant feedback.
  15. 15. At the beginning of each sprint, the team commits to delivering a specific functionality.
  16. 16. At the end of each sprint, the product owner reviews the shippable product increment.
  17. 17. SCRUM ROLES
  18. 18. The Product Owner (PO) manages the product backlog.
  19. 19. The SCRUM Master removes the impediments that may occur.
  20. 20. The Development Team
  22. 22. Sprint Planning Meeting: PO & Scrum Master & team. Planning activities for the sprint.
  23. 23. Scrum Backlog Grooming: PO & Scrum Master & team. “Grooming” the initial backlog.
  24. 24. Daily Standup Meeting: Time-boxed to 15 min. What has been done? What is in progress? Are there any impediments?
  25. 25. Sprint Retrospective: Team & Scrum Master. What went well during the sprint cycle? What went wrong during the sprint cycle? What could we do differently to improve?
  26. 26. Sprint Review/Demo: Team & PO. The team shows what was accomplished during the sprint.
  27. 27. READY. STEADY. GO SCRUM! Emanuel Martonca www.thinslices.com/blog/