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Lunch & Learn January 2020: Collaboration with Microsoft Office 365

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Leverage the power of Office 365 to improve collaboration, productivity, and ROI for your business.

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Lunch & Learn January 2020: Collaboration with Microsoft Office 365

  1. 1. Collaboration with Microsoft Office 365 Lunch & Learn Leverage the power of Office 365 to improve collaboration, productivity and ROI for your business.
  2. 2. Enhance Productivity It’s simple math. Many heads are better than one. Problem Solving Visibility Knowledge Exchange  Encourages problem solving  Technology removes boundaries, widens range of available skills  Allows staff to see past department or silo  Conversational vs. lecture  Ongoing learning from multiple sources
  3. 3. Added Benefits It’s simple math. Many heads are better than one. Open Thought Teamwork Improved Employee Satisfaction  Encourages brainstorming activities  Multiple perspectives lead to innovation  Inspires staff to work together  Builds a sense of purpose and dedication  Provides staff with equal opportunities to contribute and have a voice  Improved remote work capabilities
  4. 4. Co-authoring Documents  Common desktop application features from anywhere  Uniform experience – fonts, colors, and layouts are the same on any device  Multiple users can work together on a file and see changes in real time  Eliminates inconsistencies and saves time and storage by using a single file for everyone Collaborate on ideas with common Microsoft applications.
  5. 5.  Access files from anywhere, using any device  Share files with team members and they’ll always have the latest version available  Sync files to your computer for offline access  Free space on your computer by pushing less used files to the Cloud with Windows 10 Storage Sense Store Files in the Cloud Microsoft OneDrive Cloud-based file storage
  6. 6.  Centralized, cloud-based document storage  Enables collaboration within teams and flow of information between connected staff  Social features promote communication, discussion, and can be used to broadcast announcements  Workspace sites enable collaboration between members of different teams Department Collaboration Microsoft SharePoint organization-wide file storage
  7. 7.  Microsoft’s O365 equivalent to Evernote  Record notes, audio, and video in a single location  Include links to web pages, videos, and more  OCR scanning reads text from images  Interactive whiteboarding from any device, anywhere with an Internet connection Real-time Brainstorming Microsoft OneNote Cloud-based notes and whiteboarding
  8. 8.  Lightweight task management for individuals and teams based on Kanban methodology  Define and assign tasks, set due dates and view statuses in real-time  Email alerts keep all team members informed  Great for planning events like this one! Keep Projects on Track Microsoft Planner task management for teams
  9. 9.  Office 365’s communications hub, integrated with other applications  Integrates with many 3rd-party services to increase collaboration and awareness  Voice calling features that rival traditional business phone services  Can connect to other business’s Teams to further enable collaboration with partners Boost Teamwork Microsoft Teams unifies Office 365 and brings your team together
  10. 10. Additional Powerful Tools  Interdepartmental awareness and simple data analysis  Automate redundant processes to increase productivity More collaboration tools included with Office 365 Microsoft Delve Flow/Power Automate  Video sharing (internal YouTube)  Data collection simplified and tie ins with other office apps Microsoft Forms Microsoft Stream
  11. 11. Getting Started Microsoft O365’s core collaboration tools Store and edit your individual documents. Communicate and collaborate on docs with team members Share documents and files with your department or organization-wide
  12. 12. Establish IT Governance  Ensure your IT supports your business goals  Keep control of your business data  Utilize business data to drive decisions and find efficiencies  Protect confidential or proprietary data Provide secure and reliable tools and structure to enable business growth
  13. 13. Resources - Learn More Microsoft Office 365 and collaboration resources Knowledge Base Guides, articles, videos, and how-to’s designed for today's business technology. https://thevaliantway.com/kb Client Portal Create new support tickets, check on updates, and launch O365 apps. https://portal.thevaliantway.com Microsoft Teams Power Pack Free power user’s guide and keyboard shortcut cheat sheets. https://thevaliantway.com/microsoft-teams
  14. 14. We work closely with businesses at all levels to gain a deep understanding of their challenges and implement people-first solutions to enable business growth.  New York based Managed Service Provider established in 2002  We provide tech support & expert consulting to the service and creative industries  We are focused on enabling growth through properly leveraging technology and proper staff education
  15. 15. Thank you! We hope you found our lunch & learn helpful and want to know what you think! Justin Penchina, CIO Maryann Dobrowolski, Training Manager Learn more Visit us at thevaliantway.com to learn more about our services and philosophy, meet our team, and read our blog!