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Chelsea inctructions

  1. How to make a colourful mat by chelsea
  2. Materials coloured paper scissors
  3. Step 1. First take the right hand side and fold carefully a diagonal so you can see a rectangle shape at the bottom.
  4. step 2. Following on cut off the tall rectangle so it is a sharp triangle shape.
  5. step 3. As soon as that is done fold the sharp triangle out so it is flat as a pancake.
  6. step 4. Then fold the coloured paper into a rectangle so it is like this.
  7. step 5. Soon fold one side so it goes into a square.
  8. step 6. Next fold the corner to make another triangle.
  9. step 7. Carefully cut shapes around the triangle so the shape looks like this.
  10. step 8. Now open it up and it should have the shapes you cut on it.
  11. step 9. From time to time put your tiny bits of rubbish in the stinky bin.
  12. step 10 Last write your name on the top so it does not get lost.

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