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SessionCam: Generating customer insights

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by Will Leuchars (@Willleuch) at our 'Remote Research Tools' event in July 2015

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SessionCam: Generating customer insights

  1. 1. www.sessioncam.com Generating customerinsights toinformyour testingand optimisation strategy
  2. 2. www.sessioncam.com Data driven tests are 7.7 than UX tests So let’s start with an insight eConsultancy Research times more effective
  3. 3. www.sessioncam.com How effective are these approaches in helping to understand the customer experience? Source: Econsultancy - “Reducing Customer Struggle 2013” [based on 582 responses from e-commerce professionals] 7
  4. 4. www.sessioncam.com DEMO https://console.sessioncam.com/Dashboard/Playback/?Se ssionId=cc694ed2-aa0b-4f45-9932- 6a2f98b6b3d3&StartTime=635725505750000000&Hostna meId=decb5f09-7c98-e311-945d-12313928a8b9
  5. 5. www.sessioncam.com Threewaystogaininsightsfromareplaysolution Session Replay Heat Maps Funnels 1 2 3
  6. 6. www.sessioncam.com • We noticed a large number of visitors who were attempting to insure pets who were under 8 weeks old and therefore unable to progress. • This enabled a simple fix to tell customers to pick a cover date that started in the future Drop off on this page reduced from 61% to 48% SessionReplayinsight
  7. 7. www.sessioncam.com • 15% of customers missed the first question in step 2 • The tiny red star next to the field just wasn’t getting their attention when they couldn’t continue to the next page SessionReplayinsight
  8. 8. www.sessioncam.com SessionReplayinsight • People lose their products when they click in to one of the delivery options and are returned to the trolley page with a ‘your trolley is currently empty’ message. • Other customers appeared to have an item in their trolley but when they hovered over the trolley icon they were shown to have no products.
  9. 9. www.sessioncam.com • 8% of visitors exit after interacting with the postcode field. • A significant number of visitors completely miss the ‘Find my address’ button after entering in their postcode • These visitors only notice they had missed the address lookup after attempting to submit the form which generates an error. Funnelinsight
  10. 10. www.sessioncam.com • We noticed a significant number of people who have issues with the form field, either entering their postcode in the wrong format or entering a town name that was not recognised. • This is an opportunity to include an intelligent ‘presumptive’ search function to eliminate spelling errors Funnelinsight
  11. 11. www.sessioncam.com • Several customers repeatedly click on the delivery option content on the right hand side of the page • These delivery options are clearly mistaken for clickable links, and leave the customer frustrated as they want more information ‘Click’HeatMapinsight
  12. 12. www.sessioncam.com • A key call to action is lost here by being hidden between two other parts of the page • Both the click and the mouse movement heatmap demonstrate that the cross sell CTA is lost and receives little attention ‘Click’and‘MouseMovement’ HeatMapinsight
  13. 13. www.sessioncam.com ‘Scroll’HeatMapinsight • On this purchase journey 9% of visitors exit at this point • Many customers scroll through the benefits of the products but don’t make it as far down as the ‘continue button’
  14. 14. www.sessioncam.com Session ReplayWeb Analytics A/B Testing Live Chat VOTC The wider research eco-system CRO Playback
  15. 15. www.sessioncam.com • Theres no doubt that an effective CRO programme will drive continual improvements on your site. • But it must be fuelled by genuine, meaningful and measurable insights WHAT? WHY? TEST Tests rely on effective insights
  16. 16. www.sessioncam.com Threefundamentalsforeffectiveinsights Customer behaviour from real customers in the real world GENUINE True insight into why a problem is occurring, to create clear test variants MEANINGFUL We can quantify the scale of the insight, thus calculating the ROI MEASURABLE Playback Solution
  17. 17. www.sessioncam.com Find insight on your live site using SessionCam to generate insights that can be tested in your MVT programme Run the tests on MVT and watch sessions from both the winning and losing variant to understand why one beat the others Continue to monitor performance via SessionCam to ensure it stands the test of time 1. Uncover insights 2. Test in MVT 3.Re-validate UsingsessionreplayandMVTtogether 4. And back again! Playback Solution Playback SolutionMVT – A/B programme
  18. 18. www.sessioncam.com Questions?
  19. 19. www.sessioncam.com Will Leuchars will.leuchars@sessioncam.com @willleuch