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Social Media Measurement

How do you measure the impact of your social media campaign? Kelsey Ruger's presentation on some of the things that you can track and measure in a social media campaign. From the Pop Labs SEM Workshop.

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Social Media Measurement

  1. ocial Media etrics Mining the social media conversation Social Media Optimization Social Media Bootcamp
  2. OK, so I think I understand this Social Media Thing
  3. Supported by...
  4. Do I How Use it?
  5. PR in this new era needs to be focused on listening in order to facilitate conversations between companies and their constituents
  6. How does social media relate to other strategies? Web Strategy Having a solid website is the foundation, it should be the baseline where customers get Web Strategy their news about the company and products. Internet Marketing Strategy This is how companies reach out with traditional affiliate networks, advertising on others sites, pay Internet Social per click, search ad, and press and media relations Marketing Media online. Strategy Strategy Social Media Strategy Leveraging relationships and networks. The power of networks, raw and open feedback, existing social networks tools that people use.
  7. We know that social media is about conversations made more efficient by the Web...
  8. Social Media has two core metrics
  9. influence
  10. engagement
  11. How do we mine conversational data? what are we measuring?
  12. Before we proceed A word of caution.
  13. Be prepared for what you will Discover
  14. The direct unfiltered brutally honest nature of much online discussion is black gold...texas tea to companies that want to spot trends or find out what customers really think -The Economist, March 11, 2006
  15. Social Media Monitoring and Tracking: How? Key Employees and Public Facing Figures • • Company Name • Hot Industry Sites • Company URL(s) • Product/Service Names • Product/Service URL(s) • Track your competitors • Employee Activity • Newsgroups • ZoomInfo • SERPs • Blog Comments
  16. Social Media Monitoring and Tracking: Where? Google Analytics • • Feedburner • Hit Tail • Measure Map • Industry Hang Outs • Authority Sites (Technorati, Google) • Microblogging (Twitter, Pownce, Jaiku) • Social Bookmarks • Networks (Myspace, Virb, Facebook, Bebo, Linkedin • Content Communities (Flickr, YouTube, BrightCove, Google Video)
  17. Social Media Remember to... Be Proactive • Listen, Listen, Listen • Bring the conversation closer •