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Commercials For A Cause

  1. Proudly Sponsored by:
  2. Who We Are • Family owned and operated • Jordan has worked for 8 years as a worked as a Producer, Director and Production Manager. • RapidAD division launched in 2010 • Better-Business Bureau accredited • Television Bureau of Canada registered • Produced a PSA/Commercial for Autism Ontario with Andre Durie of the Toronto Argonauts • Passionate about giving back. • d
  3. What We Are Bringing • Expert team of professionals (Avg. 7-20+ years experience) • Majority of the equipment necessary • Heavily discounted production rates for the selected clients • Dedication to maintain the charity’s integrity and reputation • Complete transparency and an open door policy
  4. The Campaign • We developed this campaign as a way for companies to donate to charity using their existing advertising budgets compensated by heavily discounted production services supported by a collection of sponsors. • We will produce 15 campaigns per cycle. • Our goal for each cycle is to raise just over $70,000.00 for featured charity. Left - Moshe Johnston (European Basketball League ) Middle - Len Milley (Autism Ontario) • The Duration of each cycle can be a Right - Andre Durie (Toronto Argonauts) maximum of 2 months.
  5. The Package & Donation • Each package is $15,000.00 and will include: o 1x Basic HD website sales, service, tradeshow or testimonials video o 1x Production of a 10-second commercial (sponsorship spot) o 50x broadcasts of their 10-second commercial on CP24 during Primetime Night-side (7:00PM-11:00PM) Monday to Friday. o Inclusion in our 30-second PSA commercial for the featured charity • Anticipated package breakdown: o $5,000.00 – Production, Telecaster Approval, Delivery to the network. $750.00 – Sales Commission (my sales force is commission-based) $4,400.00 – Airtime Television $4,850.00 – Donation • Donation amounts: o Approximately 30-35% of each budget will be donated o 50% will be a cash donation o 50% will go towards air-time the produced PSA(s). o The PSA(s) will be produced by at no charge.
  6. Donation Deployment • We estimate that each cycle will generate a donation around $70,000.00. • Our goal is to provide the charity featured with a 50% cash donation (approximately $36,375.00) and a 50% donation towards advertising. • will produce two PSA commercials at no cost. Each PSA would feature half of the donating clients and how they support your charity.
  7. Requirements • These packages are created with very little room for error, zero contingency and are done at “at cost.” As a result, we cannot offer these to our existing clients due to potential conflicts down the road with pricing. • I will be approaching one of our existing clients (luxury auto dealer Lexus On The Park) who I am confident will understand the purpose/goal of the initiative and will not expect repeat pricing. • We are aware that we cannot access a donor list but what we need from you is as much exposure as possible. This can be in the form of inclusion in your newsletters, email marketing, website, events, etc. • While we own roughly 80-90% of the equipment required to produce these packages; we usually rent camera packages. As a result, will be relying on our ability to secure sponsors via strategic partnerships. • I would appreciate any letter/online acknowledgement for validation.
  8. Partnerships • We hope to establish strategic partnerships and relationships with specific companies that lead our industry. • This will allow us to leverage their brand, products and capabilities during our PR push as a sponsor. • These partnerships are not associated with the charity (regarding capital donations); however they are a necessity to fulfil our goals and any contacts would be appreciated. • Some of the companies we hope to align with include: o AMD Canada – Computer company for editing stations and brand. One of my allies was their senior-level manager (20+ years) who can put me in touch with the right people. o Canon or Sony – To sponsor CFAC with camera equipment and brand alignment o Avid – To sponsor CFAC with upgrades to current editing software o Adobe – To sponsor CFAC with upgrades to current versions of their editing and imaging software
  9. Social Media/PR • Social Media o One of the goals behind this is initiative is two-fold for the charity we work with. In addition to advertising to the charity and raising capital; we expect substantial auxiliary no-cost PR and advertising for the charity from the client. We will be requiring the client, in order to qualify, to promote the CFAC and charity on their social media sites. o Should a client agree to also promote the cycle they are associated with (proud support of CFAC and the charity); we will provide them with a 10% discount on all services for a 12-month period. o We will also be launching a large scale Social Media Campaign for the initiative and expect to generate awareness. • Public Relations o Jessica Danziger-Lin (Jordan’s sister) works for Hill and Knowlton which is one of the largest international PR firms. In her free time and based on our ability to develop this initiative; she is willing to donate her time to assist with PR.
  10. Conclusion • Thank you! o We are luck to be fortunate enough and capable of providing this initiative to a charity like yours! o We hope you feel that CFAC will benefit your charity and provide you with additional funding, exposure and the opportunity to introduce new donors to your charity. o We are actively and perpetually involved with the aftercare for each charity we work with. To ensure the clients of this initiative are satisfied, as with all clients of; we gladly provide a 100% broadcast guarantee. This means that each project we produce for broadcast will meet the strict requirements of broadcasters. o Thank you very much for reviewing our initiative and we hope you see the potential. o Best Regards, Office: 416.912.6552 Fax: 416.912.6803 Jordan Lin’s Cell: 416.271.8553 Jordan Lin’s Email: