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Building Replicas | The Corporate Presence | Deal Toy Buildings

Since 1981, The Corporate Presence has helped recognize success in all aspects of commercial and residential real estate, across the world.

The Corporate Presence recognizes:
Property Sales
Leasing Agreements
Project Financings
Joint Ventures & Partnerships
Individual & Team Awards

We have expertise in a range of materials, including Lucite, crystal, and pewter. Whatever the media, our goal is to produce commemoratives geared toward your specific needs: your budget, your timetable, and the expectation of quality among your colleagues and, most significantly, your clients.

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Building Replicas | The Corporate Presence | Deal Toy Buildings

  1. 1. Building Replicas | Deal Toy Buildings | Miniature Buildings The Corporate Presence
  2. 2. Inter-American Development Bank Lucite Tombstone
  3. 3. The Process of Pouring Lucite
  4. 4. The West Point Housing Lucite Commemorative
  5. 5. Deustche Bank Resin Dealtoy
  6. 6. Request a Quote!
  7. 7. Host Hotels & Resorts Deal Toy
  8. 8. Paramount Building Lucite and Pewter Deal Toy