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Common Sense Seo

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Learn simple strategies for increasing your SEO without spending money.

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Common Sense Seo

  1. 1. COMMON SENSE SEO websitesbycorey.com/common-sense-seo
  2. 2. Myths About SEO Your Questions,Answered.
  3. 3. Do I Really NEED SEO?
  4. 4. OF COURSE! • Search Engine optimization isn’t about “gaming the system” or dirty practices. It’s about helping your visitors find answers that only you can provide. • You search for answers, why wouldn’t your users? Help them find you!
  5. 5. How do I optimize for all engines? Obligatory Cat Photo
  6. 6. GOOGLE ISTHE BIGGEST • Although other search engines exist, most visitors will find your site via Google. • The same principles apply: great content that targets specific words and phrases and is easy to access on different devices.
  7. 7. Does mobile even matter?
  8. 8. YES! • 50% of visitors now access websites via mobile. • The more visitors, the more influence your website has! • The easier to read, the easier to SHARE.
  9. 9. Isn’t SEO Expensive?
  10. 10. NOPE! • You don’t need to hire an agency to see results. • All you need is a series of habits that help you optimize your content. • Results come from quality, easy to find content.
  11. 11. But doesn’t my content need to be long?
  12. 12. EH…NOT REALLY • Content needs to be at least 250 words, but the real focus is on providing relevant information, not padding the page for search engines. • Write for people first.Then go back and add those keywords you want to rank for. • It’s time to…
  13. 13. Overcome your fears (SEO isn’t scary!)
  14. 14. SEO-SPIRATION • SEO is just a fancy acronym for common sense things everyone on the web does. • Optimization is something that helps everyone, not just Google. • Seeing results is fun and rewarding!
  15. 15. NO,YOU WON’T RANK #1 • Not for the word “shoes” or “dogs,” anyway. But guess what?! You can rank #1 for your niche. • Can’t hit “wordpress tutorials?” How about “WordPress tutorials for lawyers.” Boom! Market reached.
  16. 16. • Actually you probably don’t even need to rank #1. • What you really want is to be on the front page of the search results. Even if you’re the last link on the page, you’re still more likely to get clicks.
  17. 17. RANK SPECIFICALLY! • Think about it…what do you use Google for? • Probably to get information that’s super specific. Not just “Apartments,” but “studio apartments under $500.” • Not just “Used Book Stores” but “Used Book Starts that Pay Cash.”
  18. 18. But what about link building?
  19. 19. Getchya Site in Order Optimization Starts at Home
  20. 20. LINK BUILDING IS AWESOME BUT… • You have to have something amazing to build links to! • If you build links to your “how to build a bird feeder” article, it should tell me how to build a bird feeder when I get there! • Birds are weird.
  22. 22. They don’t make any sense! STOP Using Clickbait Titles
  23. 23. THETRUTH ABOUTTITLES • “Clickbait” or “Upworthy” titles may intrigue visitors, but it’s not the best way to advertise your site. • Instead, make it clear in your title that you provide a clear solution. • You only have seconds to make the right impression. Don’t rely on other trends to make your brand unique. • Make your title straightforward and your content out of this world.
  25. 25. QUICKTIP • You can give your content a fun title and then change the url to something more straightforward. • Title: “Here’s an easy trick to afford sending your dog to daycare.” • Permalink: olivethepuppy.com/afford-doggy-daycare (not a real website)(anymore)(olive’s fine though)
  26. 26. And now… the SECRET to great rankings
  27. 27. I kept it safe for you mom. Now where’s my treat? Drum Roll Please…
  28. 28. BEGINNER CONTENT! • Sure, there are thousands of results for basic content. But guess what?That means thousands of searches! • Visitors want to learn directly from you. They want to know that you know how to help them! • Content that seems “basic” to you could be a lifesaver to your future customers. It’s amazing for on-boarding. • Beginner content can even be used for email marketing as a freebie giveaway!
  29. 29. ODDLY SPECIFIC EXAMPLES • What is Doggy Daycare? (Explain the process.Tell them the benefits.Tell them how you benefit them. Clients with benefits.What?) • Do I Need to Send My Dog to Daycare? (Probably! At least in this example you do. Here’s why…and also send them to us, this fictional doggy daycare agency.) • Will My Dog Be Safe in Daycare? (Yes.What kind of monster would hurt animals?)
  30. 30. SOUND BORING? • Content doesn’t have to be boring. Make up fun metaphors. Use pictures of your animals even though dogs only make about 5 faces total. • Use the simple stuff to lead up to the advanced content. Tell them the “what” and sell them the “how.”
  31. 31. BE AN EXPERT NOT A “GURU” • Unless you’re writing technical manuals for 3D rendering programs (fun fact: that was my first ever freelancing gig), you’re trying to reach customers with a basic understanding of how you can help them. • Teach them what a table is before you sell them a hammer. (and wood, and screws, and varnish, you know…table stuff.)
  34. 34. AND ALSOTHIS DOG Her name is Olive and I OWN her. (and no I don’t know what breed she is. deceptively puppy faced North Carolina shepherd.)
  35. 35. Can I have a list of helpful tools now?
  36. 36. I’ve GotYou Covered! Helpful WordPress Plugins
  37. 37. GOOGLE ANALYTICS DASHBOARD • See the results of your efforts right in your WordPress dashboard. • See what search results are driving people to your page. • Keep track of your visitors daily, weekly, monthly, and in custom time frames.
  38. 38. WPTOUCH • No framework? No problem! WPTouch will help you create a mobile version of your current website. • Go PRO to get fancy themes and extra features.
  39. 39. PSA: Theme Frameworks Rock! • Use a theme framework like Genesis from StudioPress or Divi from ElegantThemes to get a mobile responsive website that stays inline with your brand. • You can also find mobile responsive themes on places like themeforest.net if you’re looking for a quick and easy setup. • Simply search for “mobile responsive WordPress” to learn which theme setup works for you. Save yourself a plugin!
  40. 40. YOAST SEO • With over 1 million sites support, yoast is the only guided see plugin you need. • Get an easy to use checklist for creating SEO content, including a preview of what your content will look like in google!
  41. 41. REDIRECTION • Redirect URLs to new destinations to create SEO relevant affiliate links, or resolve 404s. • Get fancy and setup automatic redirections!
  42. 42. ALL 404 REDIRECTTO HOMEPAGE • Instantly send all 404 errors back to your homepage. • Great for smaller websites. • Easy solution for after deleting any “test” content or time sensitive items.
  43. 43. SUMMARY • Focus on creating amazing, helpful, relevant content. • Aim to rank for specific, logical phrases. • Use straightforward titles. • Write content for beginners to build up trust. • Take a lot of dog photos.
  44. 44. QUESTIONS?
  45. 45. HEY…THANKS! Corey Freeman - WordPress Teacher Person (Featuring Olive “The Puppy” Freeman) websitesbycorey.com hello@websitesbycorey.com @coreyfreeman websitesbycorey.com/common-sense-seo