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  1. 1. AudioTechnik Consultancy . Design . Integration . Installation
  2. 2. Philosophy The philosophy of AudioTechnik revolves around an unrelenting pursuit of high quality audio, no matter what the application is . From a dream home theater setup, to a foreground music system for a Lounge we provide an end user with the very best audio experience possible . With technical and conceptual design approach we turn your space into an absolute soundscape , we follow the highest standards of installation technik . Our vision and the value we provide revolves around a simple goal – to integrate the latest technology and lifestyle for people in a systematic and affordable manner
  3. 3. Approach Consultancy Design Integration Installation
  4. 4. Expertise Architectural acoustics Acoustic treatments Theater Acoustics Home Theaters High End Audio Home Automation
  5. 5. Architectural Acoustics  Using a combination of accurate measurements, acoustic modeling with a software , knowledge of relevant standards, AudioTechnik provides an unmatched acoustic consultancy services.  AudioTechnik offers everything you need for Commercial, Industrial, Educational, House of Worship, Pro Audio, OEM, Home Theater and other Residential acoustics applications.
  6. 6. Architectural Acoustics  Wall Panels  Ceiling Tiles  Acoustic Curtains  Cellulose Spray treatment  Sound proofing with mass loaded vinyl  Isolation mounts for vibration control .
  7. 7. Architectural Acoustics
  8. 8. Architectural Acoustics
  9. 9. Architectural Acoustics
  10. 10. Architectural Acoustics
  11. 11. Architectural Acoustics
  12. 12. Home Theater  At AudioTechnik we’re passionate about the experiences we create . We don’t design the theater rooms we craft them with our expertise and acoustic simulation tools .  We Love Cinema. Imagine having access to hundreds of movie titles, your entire movie collection in fact, the album artwork for each title on screen before you.  Everything is ready to play in true Dolby Surround and in full HD at the touch of a button. Your movies are organized into categories and so, before selecting a film starring Johnny Depp, all other titles in your library containing Johnny are displayed before you make the final choice. Play.
  13. 13. Home Theater – Product Line  Dali  Marantz  Anthony Gallo  Denon  Bose  Nad  Focal  Anthem  Paradigm  Chord  Kef  Polk Audio  Burmester  AudioVector
  14. 14. Floor standing speakers – For the Love of Sound
  15. 15. Floor standing speakers
  16. 16. Floor standing speakers
  17. 17. Floor standing speakers
  18. 18. Home Theater – Satellite speakers
  19. 19. Home Theater – Satellite speakers
  20. 20. Home Theater – Satellite speakers
  21. 21. Home Theater - wall mount speakers
  22. 22. Designer Speakers
  23. 23. Designer Speakers
  24. 24. Dedicated Home Theater room
  25. 25. Music is in the air - Outdoor sound
  26. 26. Music is in the air - Outdoor sound
  27. 27. Home Automation  Home automation needn’t be as flash or complex as a Bond-style bachelor pad (unless you want it to be!). Our systems are scaleable and make life easier rather than more complicated, giving you peace of mind and more time to enjoy the things that really matter.  Home automation can control almost any function around the home including windows, curtains, black-out blinds, lighting, water sprinklers, climate control and home cinema, and is often used to set a combination of these to work together.  Using devices such as mobile phones and computers, the automation possibilities are endless. They range from turning on your central heating and oven from your place of work, to using rain and wind sensors to automatically close your windows and retract canopies.
  28. 28. Home Automation – Product Line  AMX  ABB  Control 4  Crestron  Schneider
  29. 29. Home Automation
  30. 30. Home Automation
  31. 31. Why Lag Behind ?  Whatever business you are into – Residential ,5 star hotels, business lounges, interior designing and architecture, pubs, discotheques or restaurants . Are you using the latest technology to leverage the comfort level of your customers ?  Imagine being able to provide your customers with an automated room that can be controlled using finger tips. An iPad that can raise curtains, dim the room lights, play music on your system or even control what you’re viewing on TV.  Why not break the barriers and offer satisfaction beyond the current standard without burning a hole in your or your customer’s pocket ?  Why wait till the competition takes you out ?
  32. 32. Why us?  Different Approach – Our vision and the value we provide revolves around a simple goal – to integrate the latest technology and lifestyle for people in a systematic and affordable manner  Technically sound- While you’ll find an array of vendors in this domain, you’ll hardly find somebody who has the technical know-how, expertise and knowledge of inside out working of the services/products we offer.  Qualified individuals lead the team- AudioTechnik is founded by Rajesh Patil, who is a BE in Electronics and has experience working with a leading MNC like Bose Professional division as a design engineer . The technical division is headed by Hari B Kurup who is a software professional with vast experience in audio/video codec engineering and has worked nationally and internationally with different IT companies.
  33. 33. Contact us Rajesh Patil - 9967 653 046 design@the-technik.com Hari Kurup - 9821 353 969 audiotechnik.in@gmail.com www.the-technik.com rajesh_patil@the-technik.com Office – 28 , Ground Floor , Welfare Cambers , Sector -17 , Vashi , Navi Mumbai