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Chicago public schools change hs exam- The Chicago School Reviews

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The Chicago Public School system has decided to change the elite high school entrance exam. It used to be the I-SAT to the NWEA.

The Chicago School Reviews

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Chicago public schools change hs exam- The Chicago School Reviews

  1. 1. Change in Elite High School Entrance Exam By: The Chicago School Reviews
  2. 2. Entrance Exam Each year, a large number of students go through the terrifying process of preparing to get in to the top schools of Chicago. It was already difficult earlier but recently, Chicago Public Schools added another twist to the entrance exam.
  3. 3. Illinois Standard Achievement Test (I-SAT) • Originally, Chicago Public Schools(CPS) used the Illinois Standard Achievement Test (I-SAT) to evaluate the best candidates for the best schools.
  4. 4. NorthwestEvaluationAssociation’s MeasuresOf AcademicProgressTest (NWEA-MAP) • The Chicago Public Schools changed their entrance from the I- SAT to Northwest Evaluation Association’s Measures of Academic Progress test (NWEA-MAP) and the first test scheduled under this new system is in the coming month of May. • The NEWS-MAP test includes reading, math and language tests for secondary grade students, reading and math test for primary grade students, a science assessment is also included which includes general science questions.
  5. 5. ParentsReactionto the New Exam • Without any prior notice the Chicago Public Schools change their entrance exam three months before the test, a number of parents said, “You know kids have to get straight A’s and do well on the I-SAT, so for years they have been practicing for that test. • Parents mentioned that apart from the fact that their kids can’t really prepare for the new test, it is adaptive, which means it gets increasingly harder after each question.
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