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Tgs Yashaswini Layout in Sarjapur Road

Still struggling for a right location for your home? Call 7022969783 may be you should consider purchasing this priceless land plot in TGS Yashaswini Layouts in Sarjpur road to build your dream home right there. Sarjapur Road has been tagged as the fastest developing area of Bangalore and loved mostly by IT Professionals. The above presentation will give you a brief idea on TGS Yashaswini Layouts about its amenities and to know why people rush to buy land plots in sarjapur

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Tgs Yashaswini Layout in Sarjapur Road

  1. 1. Bangalore TGS Layouts Residential sites at affordable price
  2. 2.  Suburb of Bangalore.  7.8 Km Exactly from Wipro gate.  Demanded by IT Professionals  This south eastern part of Bangalore is evolving as the next real estate development hub of the city. Why Sarjapur Road?
  3. 3. TGS Yashaswini in Sarjapur Road
  4. 4. What you will get in TGS Yashaswini? TGS Yashaswini  PROPERTY TYPE : RESIDENTIAL PLOTS  TOTAL LAND : 3 ACRES  TOTAL PLOTS : 120  AVAILABLE PLOTS : 90  DIMENSIONS : 30*40, 30*50 40*60
  5. 5. TGS Yashaswini Amenities
  6. 6. LOG ON TO: http://www.tgslayouts.com OR CALL 7022969783 TGS CONSTRUCTIONS PVT LTD #L-142, Ground Floor 5th Avenue, 5th Main Road, 6th Sector, HSR Layout, Bangalore - 560102. info@tgsconstructions.in Meet Us Here…. Follow TGS Layouts in twitter and subscribe our latest videos on TGS Layouts in YouTube