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Arctic Workshop presentation

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Finnish Doctoral Program in Industrial Engineering and Management

Arctic Workshop -Innovations in industrial operations held on 10.-11. November, 2011 at Tampere, Finland.

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Arctic Workshop presentation

  1. 1. Boosting the Initial Phase of the R&DProcess by Applying Social MediaTechnologies Dissertation research Tero Peltola Center for Innovation and Technology Research Tampere University of Technology / Industrial Management Arctic Workshop @ Tampere 10.-11.11.2011
  2. 2. Tero Peltolao 2003 o M.Sc. (EE) with honors / TUTo 2003-2010 o Project Manager R&D o Asperation, Perloso 2011 – o Ph.D. Student, Researcher / TUT o www.tut.fi/citer Tero Peltola / CITER 17.12.
  3. 3. OutlineMotivation& ContextResearch Scope & QuestionMethodology & Presumable results Tero Peltola / CITER 17.12.
  4. 4. Gartner Hype Cycle for EmergingTechnologies 2011Source: http://www.gartner.com/hc/images/215650_0001.gif Tero Peltola / CITER 17.12.
  5. 5. Forecasts: using social media in companies  Using social media technologies will be increased, as only 5 out of 115 companies estimated that they will not use them in future.  In addition to marketing and PR, R&D process and internal communication are considered to benefit from social media technologies.  Estimated to become more important tool for internal communcation than for PR  Over 81% IT professionals are motivated to participate in online communities by the desire to help peers solve problems.Source: EVA_Sosiaalinen_media_yrityskäytössä_yhteenvetoraportti.pdf : published 14.2.20112011 Toolbox.com/PJA Social Media Index: Wave VII : IT Audience Results Tero Peltola / CITER 17.12.
  6. 6. End of motivation Tero Peltola / CITER 17.12.
  7. 7. Three steps composes FFEo The formality of the New Product Development process begins after Go- decision at the end of the Fuzzy Front.1. Idea Generation o Acquiring ideas from various sources Further in NDP process2. Idea Screening o Assimilating the ideas 3 13. Concept Development Concept Idea Development Generation o Processing the assimilated ideas to Blueprints. 2 Idea Screening Source: Eg. Alam 2005 Tero Peltola / CITER 17.12.
  8. 8. Research Scope and Targets Market / R&D integration in the context of FFE with surroundings of market and technological uncertainty  The initial stage communication efficiency and effectiveness is measured and combared towards performance after Social software adoption  Performance metrics are aimed to seek out the understanding about actual integration / communication level, quality of the R&D process and peers contribution through the social software. Tero Peltola / CITER 17.12.
  9. 9. Reseach Questiono How an enterprise level social software adoption influences the performance of FFE? o Acquisition of knowledge and ideas? o Communication about knowledge and ideas? o Assimilation of knowledge and ideas? o Managing the FFE process (PACAP)?o Company begins to use enterprise level social software in the NPD process o The data is collected from the initial stage before social software and after its adoption. o The evidence based on data comparison Tero Peltola / CITER 17.12.
  10. 10. Methodology Initial stage  Interviews  Includes the decription of current way of working via typical development process  Surveys A follow-up check a few weeks after the social software adoption. A second follow-up a few months after the first one. Interviews:  Tape-recorded & notes  Writed out version to be send to participant for check the validibility & add extra info Tero Peltola / CITER 17.12.
  11. 11. R&D Process Influenced by impacts  Effeciency  Foundation of Metrics Tero Peltola / CITER 17.12.
  12. 12. Presumable results Software related results  Majority of users will contribute the R&D process R&D process related results  More efficient R&D process Company related results  New communication methods Tero Peltola / CITER 17.12.
  13. 13. Thank youFurther questions? Tero Peltola / CITER 17.12.
  14. 14. Contact information fi.linkedin.com/in/teropeltola Tero Peltola / CITER 17.12.