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Utilities Industry - Smart Analytics

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To learn more about how Teradata can help your business visit: http://www.teradata.com/t/web-seminars/Smart-Analytics-for-Utilities/

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Utilities Industry - Smart Analytics

  1. 1. Brian Jore, Teradata CorporationBrian is a senior utilities industry consultant focused on working with companies to increase business insight through analytics and business intelligence. Brian recently served as the Director of Business Analytics for Xcel Energy, an $11B combination electric/gas regulated utility. He served in this position for 4 years during which time he built a business intelligence function, which facilitated the recovery of millions of dollars in incremental revenue and collections during this period. Brian oversaw all data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics activities for Xcel Energy.Previously, Brian was the Chief Information Officer for Minnesota Sports and Entertainment, the holding company of the NHL’s Minnesota Wild, as well as its four related business ventures. Brian was one of the first employees of this expansion organization and oversaw all aspects of IT as well as consumer database marketing, technology corporate sponsorship and Internet properties.Brian graduated with honors from Luther College with a BA in Economics and Management and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa. Teradata Confidential
  2. 2. End-to-End Business Insight Integrating data throughout the value chain to monitor business performance and formulate analytical correlations drives previously unseen business insight. Utilities Logical Data ModelCorrelations Asset Reliability Usage Studies Meter to CashE2E Insights OMS Analysis Grid Capacity Planning EE ProgramsTracking Geospatial DR Event Analysis Customer Mgt. Supports vertical/ODS and horizontal/integrated enterprise reporting Provides ad hoc environment to uncover most impactful analytics as smart grid matures Teradata Confidential
  3. 3. Analytics Now and In The Future • Teradata is addressing current business challenges • Customer management • Metering and billing concerns • Regulatory management • Standalone transaction systems and data stores • Labor-intensive data gathering and manipulation • Inconsistent data results • Teradata positions the utility for future changes • AMI and Smart Grid data • Systems changes and historical data • Enterprise views during transitional periods6 Teradata Confidential
  4. 4. Hard Dollar ROI Proven analytics and process monitoring capabilities are driving significant dollars to the bottom line > Revenue management – not billed and under-billed revenue > Credit and collections – reduction in bad debt write-off > Supply chain analytics – reduction in per unit costs > Rate planning and implementation – prevention of under-priced rate design and under-recovery post implementation > Asset maintenance – extend asset life & proactively change-out equipment to reduce unplanned outages > IT cost savings – reduction in storage costs, reduction or avoidance of FTE costs8 Teradata Confidential
  5. 5. Resources For more information on Teradata or Teradata for Utilities go to teradata.com or http://www.teradata.com/t/industry-expertise/utilities/ Brian Jore Teradata brian.jore@teradata.com 612-669-4393 Teradata Confidential