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Role & Benefits of Live Chat in a Contact Center

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Live Chat option is a great way to stand out amidst competition, as customers are tired of complex IVR's, waiting times and automated email replies

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Role & Benefits of Live Chat in a Contact Center

  2. 2. With increasingly evolving technology, we are witnessing rising customer expectations across all industries. In order to stay updated with the present day customers, contact centers need to up their game of enhancing customer interactions. One such feature is ‘Live Chat’ that is fast replacing conventional channels of communication. While you know customers are browsing through your website, but you won’t be aware whether any of them have any queries or doubts regarding your service/product offering. Many of the customers simply switch to another site or service provider rather than go through the cumbersome procedure of writing an email or giving a call. This is where Live Chat works – as an important channel of establishing a connection. Let us look at some if its major benefits in a contact center. Introduction
  3. 3. • Many customers today will chose live chat instead of calling or emailing for the simple reason of convenience. • There is no waiting or IVR or automated responses. • The resolution delivered is fast and on the spot. • This leads to efficient resolution and contributes to superior customer service. Faster Resolution
  4. 4. • There have been studies which prove that Live Chat improves conversion rates and contributes to increased sales. • Live Chat makes processes more transparent. • It removes buying objections which leads to increased trust between the customer and service provider. • A personalized and direct interaction increases chances of sales manifold! Improved Sales
  5. 5. • Customer support department can be difficult to maintain with only voice agents . • Live chat is a great help in reducing customer service expenditures. • Agents can interact with multiple customers at one point of time saving up the cost of toll free lines and managing so many customers on call. Reduced Costs
  6. 6. • In a contact center, a company need to increase its efficiency by handling simultaneous requests. • The chat module helps in catering multiple request at the same time with help of canned messages or templates. • Customized canned messages helps agents to answer the frequently asked questions in a quick mode. Quick Responses
  7. 7. • With Live Chat there is no risk of missed calls or emails from customers. • With faster resolution and integrated software, one can ensure that no customer communication is missed. • If you have a customer online and an agent is not available, you can always go back and convert the chat option to a contact form and track the customer so that no business lead is missed. No Risk of Dropped Calls/Missed Emails
  8. 8. • When we discuss customer service, the more information we have about our customer, better are the chances to deliver the best customer service. • Filtering the customer on the chat form and accumulate his information from there is the best practice of the industry. Customer Data
  9. 9. A Live Chat option is a great way to stand out amidst competition. Teckinfo offers their Unified Contact Center suite InterDialog UCCS, which comes along with Chat as an important mode of communication, along with other channels e.g. Voice, Email, Social Media in a bundle. Visit our website to know more:- Teckinfo.com
  10. 10. Contact Us www.teckinfo.com info@Teckinfo.com info@teckinfo.com +91-11-49605588