No H-1B left... so what?

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The American H-1B visa, while it could be a key fuel for the U.S. economy, is notoriously so badly set up that a lot of high-skilled workers and the American companies that badly needs them just give up trying to connect together.

And yet, many others find a job and immigrate all year long to work in many other American companies. The infamous H-1B makes many people forget that there are many other kinds of employment-based visas in the U.S..

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No H-1B left... so what?

  1. NO H-1B LEFT ... SO  WHAT?
  2. Are you: •a  candidate  that  wants  to   work  in  the  U.S.?   •a  U.S.  company  that  wants   to  recruit  abroad?
  3. Good news! There  are  plenty   of  solutions!
  4. There are unfilled IT jobs in the U.S. source: Tweet it!
  5. must attract abroad talent
  6. H-1B 2015H-1B 233,000   requests only  85,000     granted
  7. Yet,  many  others  find   a  job  in  the  U.S.   and  immigrate ALL YEAR LONG
  8. Wonder  HOW?
  9. There  are  many other  kinds   of   employment-­based  visas Many
  10. Before  we  start...
  11. If you are looking to Find  a  Tech  job  abroad Recruit  Tech  talent  from  abroad
  12. J-1 visa A  lot  of  non-­intern  jobs  qualify Good  for  small  companies,  who  need  the  applicant   to  start  asap Can  be  approved  in  one  day 1
  13. O-1 Visa Need  specific  career  elements Not  easy  but  far  from  impossible No  quotas!
  14. L-1 visa Work  remotely  there  for  12  months Then  apply  for  internal  transfer Company  has  a  branch  in  the  candidate’s  country
  15. E-2 visa Can  hire  citizen  from  same  country Currently  80  countries  in  that  list Investment  coming  from  a  specific  country
  16. TN, E3, H1B1 Specific  citizenship Mexican,  Canadian,  Australian,  Chilean  or  Singaporean
  17. Want to know more? Check  out  our  blog   post  
  18. So What Next?
  19. To your U.s. dream job Apply Candidates Don’t hesitate to
  20. COMPANIES Post  your job
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