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Sarah carter witi_branding_you

  1. 1. Branding Yourself Through Social Media
  2. 2. Who’s Sarah, and why is she here? Skier Sarah Carter General Manager, Social Business, Actiance, Inc. LinkedIn Profile Twitter Wanna Be Writer Taxi Driver Bacon Afficanado Ocean Sailor Reader IBM Thought Leader
  3. 3. So how am I going to entertain you this evening? 5 Key Tenets of Personal Branding on Social An Exercise.. Sarah’s Six Principles of Social Success Which Social Networks? The Social Process Establish your brand: Key Pointers Engaging with your network, connections and followers: Key Pointers Using Authentic Voice Measure your Results So who does it well?
  4. 4. Key Tenets of Personal Branding on Social Position Personality Imagery Voice Association
  5. 5. An exercise…
  6. 6. Six Social Principles for Success Create Integral Strategy Develop Personal Brand Crowdsource Content Leverage Customers Educate and Train Measure & Analyze
  7. 7. Which Social Network? 6 Confidential and Proprietary © 2011, Actiance, Inc. All rights reserved.
  8. 8. Which network is right for you? Your professional brand.. Or your personal brand?
  9. 9. Best Practices – The Social Process Objective Recommendation Create a Profile / Page and populate with relevant 1. Establish information about yourself and business Build your list of connections to contact, interact, and 2. Connect communicate Connect and interact with your contacts by providing content, 3. Engage photos, videos, event notifications, news updates, upcoming conferences, promotions, etc. Use system metrics to measure your engagement and online 4. Measure influence
  10. 10. ESTABLISH
  11. 11. Establish: Key elements for your profiles A photo Your bio’s.. “W-I-I-F-M” Vanity URLS Privacy settings No Ghost Town here
  12. 12. CONNECT
  13. 13. Connect: Building Your Connections What are the rules? – Twitter – Facebook  Profile  Page – LinkedIn
  14. 14. An exercise…the value of your network
  15. 15. Connect: Building Your Connections and Reach What are the rules? – Twitter – Facebook  Profile  Page – LinkedIn – Think about the value of your network, and what you want to use it for. – Buying a list of connections is easier!
  16. 16. The Three Degrees of LinkedIn Connections
  17. 17. Inviting connections on LinkedIn: PERSONAL BRAND
  18. 18. Growing LinkedIn Connections- Joining Groups
  19. 19. ENGAGE
  20. 20. Engage– Liking and Commenting on Content
  21. 21. Engage– Sharing Other Users Content
  22. 22. MEASURE
  23. 23. Integrate and Measure
  24. 24. Measure– Linkedin Maps http://inmaps.linkedinlabs.com
  25. 25. Measure– Linkedin Maps
  26. 26. Don’t forget qualitative measurement..
  27. 27. Success Stories
  28. 28. In summary Select the networks that are right for you Go grab that real estate Be consistent Be authentic End Don’t forget your privacy settings! Don’t let your brand become a social ghost town Engage your personal brand Be social in real life too!
  29. 29. Thanks!

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  • Three descriptors of brand you.Write them down. Take them home, take them out each time you look at your personal social brand.. And make sure that they come acrossMinePassionateImaginativeCompetitive
  • OBJECTIVE: Thought leadership positioning and setting up our MO on social TEXT:Here at Actiance, over time we have along with customers and partners, we’ve developed the six social prinicples of success for firms. Let me briefly take you through these. Firstly, viewing social as a point solution because this is what is in vogue now, its missing the point. Those organizations that integrate social into their DNA are the ones that will succeed. Gen Y is beyond socialized, and by 2024 will control 46% of the personal wealth in the USA. You need to communicate with the customer in the environment in which they want to communicate. And using the tools that they want to communicate with.Secondly Today’s communication – worldwide is between the brand and the consumer. 17% of end users trust a brand. 70% of end users trust the recommendations given by their “friends and their connections. The challenge of the CMO is not to enable another 10 marketeers on <insert name of social network> its about enabling You – who ever is in the room, and you and you and you. Because your social graph is NOT the marketer’s social graph. It’s Carol Rozwell, the head of the social business unit at Gartner who tells us that those organizations who enable social BEYOND the marketing team , who will be in the top 20% of their industry by revenue growth. Personal brand is what you’re looking at enabling for that success.Enabling those individuals effectively is our third principle – enabling the team to crowsource content and share that effective, enaging content is key to success. We know that popular content gets more shares. That if I understand that a piece of content is more successful, then I’m going to share it and the whole team has more success. That’s the third principle of social success. So crowdsourcing content, curating content is key to success. Pick what works and share it easily. Today your customer uses the social web to investigate. They use Yelp, and Amazon and best buy for recommendations. They are starting to ask their network. Tomorrows consumer will ask their network what to buy and what experiences they’ve had. Leveraging your customers is the fourth principle of social success. Engaging that network and interacting with them and communicating with them is how you will succeed. Your customer will sell for you, so leverage that relationship now, that might not mean sharing content now, but make that relationship now, so that you can enable that relationship in the future. .You can’t do that without educating your distributed team So they’ve passed their series 7 and all the others. You probably taught them the rules of email a few years back. You taught them how to stand up and effectively present. To sell over the telephone. Now you need to do the same with social. I don’t just mean training them on what 11-39 and 10-06 says and means. I mean the use of social, the use of the networks, the socialization of social. That’s the fifth princple for social success.Finally. We need to redefine measurement. When they’re looking at analytics and measurement, everyone likens social to the email world. How many opens, how many clicks, how many likes. That’s missing the point. Social isn’t email. A comment has more value than a like. A share has more value than a comment. The number of followers you have on twitter. Irrelevant if they’re the wrong followers. Tying this all back to revenue, to prospects, to the reduction in customer churn is key. SEGUE: These are principles that we have developed over the last several years with customers, partners and industry analysts, and its led to the approach we take with clients
  • The social media process begins with access to the platforms. The good news is, that the process of establishing a presence, building connections, and engagement are similar across all main networks. In addition, it’s difficult to manage what you can’t measure so having detailed metrics will provide insight on the level of engagement and growth you are having using social media.[One by one, you can read each objective with the recommendation]In this first module we’ll take a look at how to establish a LinkedIn profile.
  • Connecting on LinkedInSomeone you meet face to faceSomeone you have a telephone call with/ conference callYou’re meeting someone next weekYou shake hands at a conferenceYou listen to someone on a webinarDoes that change if they’re a target customer for you,? Or a journalist on the Wall Street Journal?
  • Your profile is visible to LinkedIn members who've signed in to Linkedin.com.Members outside your network only see a shortened profile without your name.Only 1st degree connections can see your email address.IMPORTANT: A public version of your profile is called the PUBLIC PROFILE. It appears when people search for you on Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc. You can control what profile information shows in public search results with your Publid Profile Settings- that we will cover later in this module.LinkedInn members in your network (i.e. within three degrees) can see your name and full LinkedIn profile1st degree connection: Someone directly connected to you... 2nd degree connection: Someone connected to one of your 1st degree connections... 3rd degree conection: Someone connected to one of your 2nd degree connections... If you want to connect to any individual not in your network, simply join a group that they belong to and you'll be able to contact them directly and any other member of the group...
  • A new box appears that will ask you how you know Andrew. There are a number of different options available, however most will require that you know the email that Andrew used for his profile, and it may not be the one listed on his linkedin profile.
  • Based on this, I will choose to join US Sailing.
  • Going back to Mitchell’s post and my options, I can Like his post that will publicly show that I like it with the thumbs up visual. I can also add commentary that will be added to Mitchell’s original post on the bottom,,,and note that someone else, including Mitchell could Add a comment to my own comment- and thus encourage a conversation .
  • If I find Mitchell’s content is worth sharing and would like to offer it to my own connections, I can click SHARE and amplify Mitchell’s original message with my own connections. If my account is connected to a Twitter feed, I can also share this content on my connected Twitter account.
  • One of my favorite tools to view my online connections and influence is provided by LinkedIN Labs. To view your own LinkedIN map, go to http://....
  • One of my favorite tools to view my online connections and influence is provided by LinkedIN Labs. To view your own LinkedIN map, go to http://....