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Furniture Manufacturing Process

A overview of the manufacturing process for wooden furnitures

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Furniture Manufacturing Process

  1. 1. Group 5 (36,37,38,39,40,41,42)
  2. 2. Moveable objects in a room that is used for sitting, function, and for decoration. Furniture make a room more comfortable for those in it.  Helps us to hold objects form ground  Supports human body to relax  Can be used for storage purpose  Helps us to decorate a room  Makes a room comfortable for living
  3. 3. Wooden Bamboo Metal Plastic Glass Ply-wood Storage Sitting Surfaces Spaces
  4. 4.  Timber is received from timber storage area and then checked properly  After that timber is measured to ensure sizes and moisture content in between 12-15% as it is mandatory for timbered furniture manufacturing  Each bundle of timber is documented / listed and sent to production floor for furniture manufacturing process
  5. 5.  Timber is selected from the timber bundle and every piece of timber is carefully cut cross wise  Sized timber is then bundled on pallets after cutting.  Then it is processed at molding section to achieve the required shapes and sizes for furniture manufacturing  After that, these are bundled again. Documentation and identification of every bundle is properly done here.
  6. 6.  Molded timber is processed by different wood working machines depending on its shape and design to obtain its features.  After that, these components are sanded properly to round all sharp edges and to smooth surface of the timber.
  7. 7.  Each component is being assembled according to drawing & design to figure the part of the planned furniture.  All joints are glued together to form a strong bond. In some cases, wooden dowel pin is used to join two parts of furniture. After that, assembled parts are stacked together and labeled for future identification
  8. 8.  Assembled parts are then dipped into teak oil for some time and wiped dry to get the brown/teak finishing.  Teak oil acts as anti-insect, anti- fungus as well as teak oil provide a weather coat and UV resistant to the wood.  After dipping into teak oil for some and wiping out and drying, they are inspected again before being packed into carton boxes.
  9. 9.  Finished furniture is loaded into vehicles/containers according to customer’s order.  These containers are then shipped out through vehicle or ship to different customers of all over the world
  10. 10. Used to cut Veneer Board / Furnitex board according to required sizes to produce flat paneled wooden furniture. Used to make curve shaped or profile shaped wooden part precisely as per drawing. It will work as per drawing provided in its language (machine language/CAM) which can be in 2D or 3D.
  11. 11. Used to get smooth edge of sized panel. Also used to mold (required shape as per drawing) the edge of Panel/Board. Sized panel can be grooved too. Used to cover the edge of veneer board or MDF board with Veneer Edging (in case of Straight Part).
  12. 12. Used to cover edge of veneer board or MDF board with Veneer Edging in case of Curved/Profile shaped panel part Mainly, it is used for drilling/boring operation for knock down furniture manufacturing.
  13. 13. Used to obtain required thickness of timber for furniture manufacturing. Used for cross cutting of timber. Used to turn timber to get different tone shape for furniture manufacturing.
  14. 14. Used to get different shapes in the timber for wooden furniture manufacturing. V-Shape, U- Shape, L-Shape and many other shapes can be obtained with this machine. Upgraded version of Spindle Molder. It saves time of changing cutters. Also, more shapes can be obtained at a time than spindle molder.
  15. 15. Used to sand surface of timber or veneer board to get smooth surface before lacquer application or polishing. Used to sand of profile shaped wood for furniture manufacturing.