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Ayesha Manzil, #20/3 ,
main BTM , 1ST
Bangalore-29 - India
Mobile: 9986477921
Email: tasmiya07...
(Received award for same for from stake holders for smooth project execution)
 Accruals Project— Worked with 60 team memb...
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Resume Tasmiya

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Resume Tasmiya

  1. 1. TASMIYA TABBASSUM Ayesha Manzil, #20/3 , 8th main BTM , 1ST stage Bangalore-29 - India Mobile: 9986477921 Email: tasmiya070@gmail.com OBJECTIVE: Seeking a challenging position and strive for excellence - with dedication, proactive approach, positive attitude and passion towards the work that will fully utilize my logical and reasoning in the best possible way for the fulfillment of the organizational goals. PROFILE:  Extremely goal-oriented, self-motivated and meticulous.  Strong analytical skills with an eye for detail.  Proactive leader with keen business acumen.  Strong problem solving skills.  Comfortable with large financial and audit data sets.  Experience in working with global teams (US, EMEA and APJ). Highlights:  Received Bronze Award twice from Senior Director and my Manager for driving and completing the Accrual Project.  Received Bronze Award from my manager for being the top performer in the team.  Received “MCO Training Excellence Award” in Q3 2012.  Bronze Award from my manager for providing process improvement ideas and supporting the team members Q3 2013.  Receive bronze award in 2014 DD day 270 projects from stake holders.  Receive bronze award in 2015 for Data Domain SW pricing project from counterparts.  Received many appreciations from all customers for resolving their issues in a timely manner. Professional Experience Summary EMC Data Storage Systems (India) Private Limited - Mar ‘12 – Till date. Designation: Senior Process Ops. Specialist Core responsibilities:  Building and updating configurations for EMC’s core & DPS products to ensure continuing reliability of product with updated speed,capacity and technology  Closely work with inside sales reps and deploy renewal opportunities to them.  To be a part of CI calls & other quality calls, liaise between cork SMEs and QTA team and share the process updates to entire ISSC  Participation in all the major calls with stake holders for all the newly transitioned activities  Responsible for efficient team management & ensuring a continuous commitment to quality & production  Point-of-contact for all the queries and updates in EMEA region  Played significant role in transition of the Data Domain activities from APJ, EMEA and NALA  QC all R2R activities done by the team – report any errors found.  Prepare monthly scorecard for all the deliverables and provide productivity matrix to the management.  Prepare dashboard for weekly team meeting.  Review and Preparation of process documents,ensure all the updates are captured in the Process Documents  Identify the training requirements and design training plan based on the quality report and Escalations received  Process Improvement and Standardization- success rate in implementing Process improvement ideas  Member of MCO learning center – I, along with few senior members, is responsible for training new joinees  Work on the CI projects assigned and ensure successfulcompletion.  Automation- worked on automation script to run the Day 270- tech refresh quotes Projects Handled:  DD day 270 project – A new transition where in managed a team of 5 TPCs single handed,Coordinated with onshore team & delivered training for 5 TPS's, performed 100% audits & successfully completed the project
  2. 2. (Received award for same for from stake holders for smooth project execution)  Accruals Project— Worked with 60 team members, and managed the whole project single handedly,and completed it within the given timelines (Received award for seniordirector for the execution and completing the project on time)  CI member -- Representing CI team(continuous improvement) on behalf of ISSC, was driving the entire group here in ISSC coordinating with onshore team , the core responsibility of this group to improve on quality , Drive process efficiency ideas, reporting of errors, Process query management & Monitor quality reports  Data Domain SW pricing project- The Data Domain product team made changes that impacted EMC's ability to issue maintenance renewal quotes on a timely and accurate basis. Analyzed the problem and developed a process that will mitigate the impact of the product changes on Renewal quoting and was also awarded with bronze award from counterparts upon completion. NOTEWORTHY ACHIEVEMENTS  Bronze Award: Awarded by the senior director for outstanding performance in the ad-hoc project and completing the project before deadline.  Cause for Applause:Award for being top performer in the team. ACADEMICS  BBM with specialization in Finance from Sri Bagawan MahaveerJain College – Center for Management studies,Bangalore University, 2011.  H.Sc from Sri Bagawan Mahaveer Jain College, Karnataka State PU Board, 2008.  SSLC from St. Lourdes high schoolBangalore, Secondary Education Board Bangalore, 2006. PROFESSIONAL TRAININGS  Email Etiquette  Advance Excel  Customer interaction  Microsoft PowerPoint IT FORTE  Well versed with Windows7, XP/2000/Vista , MS Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint),  Working knowledge with ERP Package – Oracle 11i ,IB ( installed base),Catalyst, Document management System (DMS), SYR, E-Room, CALM – Customer asset life cycle management  Beginner with SFDC software. HOBBIES & INTERESTS  Have been awarded first place for a dance performance at an inter-collegiate event.  Have been awarded first place in Singing.  Secured first place for General knowledge examination at School level. PERSONAL DOSSIER Date of Birth: 25th Sep 1990 Sex: Female Marital Status: Single Languages Known: English, Hindi, Kannada, and Urdu Permanent Address: # 20/3 8th main 1st stage BTM, Bangalore-29 Reference: Available on Request