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Types of internet marketing

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How many types of internet marketing.?

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Types of internet marketing

  1. 1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Blog marketingE-mail marketingAffiliate marketingViral marketingDigital Assets OptimizationSearch engine marketing
  2. 2. What a marketer should do for SEO?1. He should revise the structure of website, webpageor blog.2. He should correct the errors.3. He should develop his own content4. He should manage online campaign
  3. 3. Blog marketing is the term used to describe marketing via webblogs.•To raise the visibility of our company,•To increase the sale growth and profit•To make a contribution to our industry, and•To give the public a look at what goes on within a real livepublishing company about the feature of their up coming products.
  4. 4. EXAMPLE
  5. 5. • Its the easy, effective, and affordable way to keep your customercoming back!• It should be professional to attract• About new product• Promoting their products by wishing special events• While giving feedback they put information about their producttoo• Save paper and postage
  6. 6. • Offer Rewards and Bonuses• Member to member• paying commission for referred business• Pay per click program.• place banner or text links on their site• Examples• www.SunshineRewards.com• www.Clixsense.com
  7. 7. Example
  8. 8. •Through social networks Likefacebook, yahoo, twitter•Words of mouth• Classic Example is Hotmail.com
  9. 9. • News, Audio, Videos and images• 50% greater chance of ranking on page one of Google• Example news channels, YouTube, audio songswebsites like www.songs.pk, www.youtube.com etc• These videos provide links to the websites
  10. 10. • Attract the visitors to increase the quality and quantity of yourproduct; it increases the profitability of your website• Improving your web design, architecture and web page content.• Publish your website in YouTube by video and use socialnetworks to promote it.• Get in the news such as Google News.• Install good tracking software to know about your performance• Other Example:• Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and MicrosoftadCente
  11. 11. Search Engine Marketing
  12. 12. Uses of Technology  Information system  Marketing research  Market share
  13. 13. Presented by:Fayaz Hussain Solangi
  14. 14. Companies using online servicesAmazon.com EbayCompanies using their own website
  15. 15. Social Media Facebook Twitter Youtube Google +
  16. 16. Pros & cons of TechnologyPros: Cons: Reduce waste ► The Management Increase productivity ► New Skills Less workforce ► Maintenance Higher profits ► Time Advance communication