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How To Climb The Property Ladder Like A Pro

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If you want to increase the value of your property as quickly as possible just follow these simple rules.

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How To Climb The Property Ladder Like A Pro

  1. 1. Look for major Look for n_ew emphye; -5 $ transport links such mgving to new O O as new roads or areas train stations Buy on the Look for urban outskirts of regeneration ‘I existing popular E projects areas Some home renovations can add significant value to a property. Only invest in those which will bring you the largest return on investment. The Mm Profitable Property Renovation: E ii 201 Basement conversion p i Loft conversion 12.53 T fix Home extension p it Conservatory 5. 4.5x Kitchen refurbishment T T ' Offer a large deposit to maximize your mortgage offer fl Boost your credit rating for future mortgage applications by paying off all debts Image source: TapcoWaterDamage. co. uk Sources http: //www. servicemagic. co. uk/ resources/ adding-value-ho['ne/ _ https; //wwwihousetree. co. uk/ biog/2014/08/15/top-home-Improvements-for-adding-vaIue-to-property-sa| e«pnce/ http: //www. thisismoney. co. uk/ money/ mortgageshome/ artide-2619330/Six-essentiaI-home-improvement-tips-add-va| ue-property- se| ling. htm| http‘J/ www. te| egraph. co. uk/ property/ buyingselIingandmoving/7906602/PhiI-Spencers-top-20-ways—to-add-va| ue~to-your-home. htm| ‘fa. . : i _g Plktochoirt db. ‘ ruulco irifurmulion bL*'. :uti{uI