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ENROPE Project information sheet

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ENROPE Project information sheet, www.enrope.eu

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ENROPE Project information sheet

  1. 1. European Network for Junior Researchers in the Field of Plurilingualism and Education Contact Project Coordinators at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin Prof. Dr. Stephan Breidbach Dr. Katrin Schultze Regine Schlößer (Project Officer) ENROPE Partners: ENROPE’s Intensive Study Programme consists of • Intensive Study Weeks in Berlin, Paris & Barcelona • Online Study Phases Target audience • early career researchers (MA, doc- toral, postdoctoral) working in the field of pluri-/multilingualism and education • from higher education and research institutions worldwide offers opportunities • for expert and peer discussions of theoretical and methodological issues regarding research into pluri-/multi- lingualism and education • to advance individual research pro- jects • to develop professional competencies through innovative (digital) tools • for personal growth through network- ing and guided reflection of pro- fessional identities ENROPE is a project initiated by Langscape and co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme (Project number: 2018-1-DE01-KA203-004253) @EnropeProject ENROPEproject enrope.euinfo@enrope.eu
  2. 2. About ENROPE ENROPE is an international, cooperative project providing junior researchers in the field of language education and pluri- lingualism with unique qualification and networking opportunities. As part of its aim to foster plurilingual mind- sets and practices, ENROPE offers an Intensive Study Programme with rich opportunities for transborder collaboration and professional development. The ENROPE community is linked through an Online Platform which offers various tools and spaces for field-specific debate and for exchange between researchers from a high diversity of linguistic and sociocultural contexts and backgrounds. In particular, ENROPE provides an E-Port- folio with a range of tasks for meaningful and interactive professional self-reflection. The ENROPE Qualification Handbook allows for wide adaption and dissemination of the project's key concepts, products and training activities.