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Social media marketing: Basics and Advanced

  1. Our Focus Is Social Media! Our Focus Is Social Media! Social Media Marketing Agency
  2. Social Media Marketing Platforms
  3. Large active user base Average user has 200+ friends They spend 50 minutes per day on Facebook Broad demographics for B2B and B2C
  4. Facebook is the “Hub” YouTube Tab Twitter Tab SlideShare Tab Constant Contact Tab Blogger Tab Dozens More!
  5. Timeline: Coming to a Fanpage near you!!
  6. Facebook Ads: Targeted! Cost effective direct marketing Image size 110w x 80h Better targeted, more successful the ad Use words in title and image that will “speak” to the targeted audience
  7. A Page Twice!! -Once as YOU, once as your PAGE Give’s page a “like”. You “speak” as yourself Does NOT give page a “like”. You speak as your PAGE Thus IMPERATIVE you “like” a page twice!
  8. Advanced Studies
  9. Algorithm: How Facebook determines whether or not your content is valuable enough to appear in your fan’s homefeed. Affinity: Your relationship with fan, how interactive they are with your content Weight: An “Object”’s value: Images and videos hold the most weight. Then links, last are status updates. The interactions also have weight: A comment has more weight than a “like” Time Decay: The point at which comments and likes cease
  10. Text messaging on steroids! Integrate with other platforms Largest growing segment for 16-24 year olds
  11. Send a PM to new followers, with link to other assets Other social assets work best Brand yourself!!
  12. Advanced Studies Personalized Hashtag creation to be used in all tweets Sound Tigers us #BST
  13. Advanced Studies Use an image! Images are easily shared now
  14. Owned by Google Huge SEO! Most smart phones are better quality than video cameras from just a couple of years ago Simple to share across any platform
  15. New Layout allows for more branding and promotion of other assets
  16. Branded background Website/social site Feature video icon-based links
  17. Advanced Studies Annotations: -Searchable -Direct Linking -Instructional
  18. Advanced Studies Enhancements: -Replace audio -Video Editing including colors, brightness, saturation, trimming
  19. Advanced Studies TAG, You’re it! In Title Include link to YOUR asset if possible! “Tags” are the internal AND Google markers
  20. Members of the business to optimize their profiles as key figures and leaders Organization Page to encourage followers Thought leader/leader in the industry Demographic that may not be on Facebook, Twitter etc Use plug in’s to Twitter
  21. Use text and photos to tell the story of your business Huge SEO (owned by Google!) Encourage employees to blog (show the pride!) Huge integration with social platforms!
  22. Text
  23. Text Major platform integration with other Google products shown and more, such as Calendars and Accounting tools!
  24. Excellent icon based links to other platforms/sites
  25. Social Media Marketing The Basics: Usage
  26. General PointsPros Create and build personal relationships People do business with people they know Long term continual engagement
  27. Brand loyalty Brand advocacy and “cheerleaders” Trust
  28. General PointsDo.... Show interest in and listen to others Be real, be yourself Take time and do it right Have fun!
  29. General PointsDon’t... Use platforms to shout your message Talk about yourself continually Use auto post programs
  30. Add social icons to ALL newspaper and magazine ads In fact, it should be on EVERY printed material you create!
  31. Your website needs some love too!
  32. Add all icons to your business cards as well as their URL’s the same as your phone, email and website
  33. Add links to your email signature
  34. Social Media Marketing The Basics: Analytics and ROI
  35. You MUST create a strategy with goals
  36. you can see if you are doing THIS... ...or doing THIS with your investment
  37. A basic formula for social media ROI Dollar investment in “hardware” Human investment in “time”
  38. A basic formula for social media ROI Total sales in dollars resulting directly from efforts.
  39. Working The Strategy: Start into monthly first quarter
  40. Working The Strategy: Daily
  41. ANALYTICS!!! Done monthly across all platforms to define initiatives. This is the cornerstone of success!
  42. Thank you!

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