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Introduction to Hardware with littleBits

Presentation originally given at the Devoxx4Kids Meetup in Denver, CO by Tack Mobile with Assembly Workspace.

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Introduction to Hardware with littleBits

  1. An Introduction to Hardware Using littleBits and your imagination.
  2. Hardware is how we describe electronics that connect together and make something new.
  3. Think of the things you use.
  4. Remote Control Car Photo by morseth71 on Flickr
  5. Video Games Photo by Jackson Lo on Flickr
  6. Tablets Photo by KuZo 72 on Flickr
  7. They’re all made of other smaller pieces. Usually, many smaller pieces.
  8. Pieces like these.
  9. These pieces work together to make something new.
  10. Microsoft Band
  11. Remote Control Car
  12. Can you think of something that is made of smaller pieces?
  13. How do these pieces work together?
  14. Power enables things to work.
  15. Input is a signal to do something.
  16. Output is what happens.
  17. Connection allows pieces to talk.
  18. Logic is how things should happen.
  19. Guess what? You’re going to build something!
  20. You’re going to use littleBits.
  21. They’re like electronic Legos.
  22. There are all different kinds. POWER OUTPUT LOGIC SENSORS WIRE INPUT
  23. Power bits are blue.
  24. Input bits are pink.
  25. Wire bits are orange.
  26. Output bits are green.
  27. Ready to build something simple?
  28. Let’s explore littleBits. 1 FLASHLIGHT 2 3 LIGHT METER PULSE + SPIN
  29. Try it out!
  30. GOOD JOB!
  31. What do you think?
  32. Any ideas of what you could build?
  33. Sound Controlled Car Project by virgilm on littlebits.cc
  34. Squirrel Cam Project by joeymail on littlebits.cc
  35. Ready to build something more complex?
  36. It’s time to get creative!
  38. Your options include: Pick something to build Invent something new Both A B C
  39. Pick a starting point 1 2 SWING + ACTION SPIN + BRANCH
  40. Invent something BRAINSTORM BUILD Sketch out your idea. Using littleBits and materials.
  41. Or, do both. We’ll be here to help.
  42. Let’s build!
  43. Time to wrap up.
  44. Demo time! Who wants to share?
  45. What did you learn?
  46. Hardware is fun! • Hardware is made of smaller pieces. • There are different types of pieces. • Smaller pieces talk to each other. • We explored littleBits. • You made something unique!
  47. Learn more • littlebits.cc • arduino.cc • http://www.teachingideas.co.uk/science/ contents_circuits.htm