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Sysomos Beyond the Numbers - Social Media Crisis Management

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- Setting up the appropriate monitors and alerts to safeguard against an online crisis taking you by surprise

- How you can respond to a crisis to mitigate the impact and prevent its growth

- Assessing and measuring the impact of a crisis on your brand

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Sysomos Beyond the Numbers - Social Media Crisis Management

  1. 1. Beyond the Numbers: Social Media Crisis Management Amy Lynch Customer Success Manager
  2. 2. What is a social media crisis?
  3. 3. Be Prepared Monitor, be organized and be ready for an alert
  4. 4. Monitoring  Track keywords around the following: ̶ Brand name ̶ Products ̶ Industry trends ̶ Possible negative topics  Establish benchmarks ̶ Daily ̶ Weekly ̶ Monthly ̶ Yearly
  5. 5. Organization  DO: ̶ Have an internal communications plan ̶ Identify clear procedures: what, when, who ̶ Make sure it has received full approval ̶ Have an experienced, autonomous social media team  DON’T: ̶ Require approval from several people ̶ Waste time
  6. 6.  Know when a crisis hits – configure alerts Weekly As It Happens Threshold Alerting
  7. 7. Alerting  Configure alerts using Sysomos Gaze to find images that are gaining traction on Instagram
  8. 8. Reacting Timing and smart engagement
  9. 9.  A speedy response is imperative  Think about containment Timing
  10. 10. Timing
  11. 11. Stay organised • Schedule posts ahead of time • Have a senior approver
  12. 12.  Be honest and transparent  Acknowledge the issue  Keep posting  Show that you are listening Smart Engagement
  13. 13.  Sentiment – is it improving?  Volume – has it started decreasing? Keep Monitoring  Keywords – how are they changing?
  14. 14. Assess Measure, discuss, and hone in
  15. 15.  Discussion with teams involved  Did the plan work?  Analyze the timelines  Compare benchmarks  Ascertain damage Keep Monitoring
  16. 16. Respond AssessImprove Plan
  17. 17. Thank You • If you’d like a demo of any Sysomos product or need some additional training please contact your account team, check out the in-app support portal, or visit sysomos.com/solutions • Feel free to contact us for follow up questions o Facebook facebook.com/sysomos o Twitter @sysomos o Email community@sysomos.com • Keep a look out for our monthly newsletter to stay informed on our next BTN webinars • Please visit sysomos.com/webinars to sign up for our marketing led webinars