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Managing a Growing Social Media Strategy

  1. Managing a Growing Social Strategy 2010 – Where we were • Social is a marketing thing • Goal is to get 1,000,000 Facebook fans • Facebook is king so we need to post everyday. Content is our focus not engagement • We let our agency do all the content and analysis for our monthly reporting • We respond to customer complaints with no set timeframes or escalation requirements • We care most about our brand reputation on our owned channels 2016 – Where We Are • Social is a business tool • Goal is to increase engagement across social • Organic content is dead. We need to find the right people and target the right message • We want visibility into content, assets, people, real time analysis and insight on what to do next • We track all mentions and engagements for maximum value and have established SLAs • We care about the customers voice, trends, measurement of paid campaigns driving KPIs
  2. 01. Understand Your Audience
  3. Driving engaging content comes down to one thing…relevancy. Answer these questions often: • What does my current audience look like on my brands accounts? • Who are the people I’d like to reach? • Who are the people engaging with my competitors content? 01. Understand Your Audience Source: Content Marketing Institute 2016 B2C Report
  4. Research drives engagement. Your brand’s audience? Facebook, YouTube offer powerful insights. Think about making a video…check your average video play length as a key metric. New audience or a competitor? Use paid targeting to research several indicators to acquire new customers. • Interests: use keywords for optimization • Age & Gender: fine tune assets • Location: maximize real-time trends 01. Understand Your Audience
  5. 02. Any Mention is Valuable
  6. Brands used to focus on limiting negativity. Today brands focus on ALL types of engagement to assist you. Engagement drives business value in real time for different purposes: • Customer Service • Product Feedback • Competitive Comparison • Corp Communications • Technical Support • Loyalty Retention • Sales Stages 02. Any Mention is Valuable
  7. Keep in mind any user who reaches out expects an answer quickly! Social channels have evolved to drive 1:1 communications outside of the public domain. Twitter, Facebook, Weibo and Instagram all enable a public issue to be taken private, so don’t be shy to use these tools to your advantage. 02. Any Mention is Valuable Source: Twitter Blog Feb 2016
  8. 03. Showcase Your Brand’s Personality
  9. 03. Showcase Your Brand’s Personality Choose your style and stick with it. Ensure your social efforts align with the KPIs across your business for a unified effort: • World-class customer experience • Marketing leadership • Buzz-generating creative • Social seller • Security and compliance
  10. 03. Showcase Your Brand’s Personality Personality speaks in many ways… Video: Drive emotion and calls to action with your brand or products Images: Spark an immediate connection with your audience and use them to drive sharing Links: Expand brand ownership across digital channels driving traffic and SEO UGC: User-generated content should be your greatest inspiration Source: Heineken social accounts
  11. 04. Content Collaboration and Sharing
  12. 04. Content Collaboration and Sharing Distributed teams or regional enterprise marketing departments have a lot of moving parts to keep track of just to plan. Assets: Create a Library for all teams to access Keywords: Build content around these (Tip 1) Audience Demographics: Ensure asset and content align with who you’re reaching (Tip 1) Top Content Ranking: Discover and share content from stronger regions to lower performing teams to lower time and cost of planning
  13. A holistic view by all teams lowers the chances of duplicated efforts for organic and paid content. You must be able adjust in real time to amplify your reach or limit the damage if a trend emerges. Social media management software allows you to plan, organize, administer, publish, share and analyze your editorial calendar in a live space at scale. 04. Content Collaboration and Sharing
  14. 05. Mesmerize with Engagement
  15. 05. Mesmerize with Engagement Audiences want to be impressed. Customer Service should be a key focus. • 33% of consumers say it takes too long for a brand to respond on social • 72% of consumers complaining on twitter expect a response within an hour Strategy tip: Create an engagement SLA and track your team’s response time across channels. Source: Convince and Convert
  16. 06. Activate Customers
  17. You’ve worked hard to gain customers. Don’t forget to keep them engaged. Simple ways you can give your audience some air time: • Real-time video chats • Hashtag campaigns • Re-sharing UGC with attribution • Video testimonials • Community contests Everyone likes to be noticed. Don’t forget to create content that drives ACTION! 06. Activate Customers
  18. 07. Emerging Trends Need to Drive Action
  19. 07. Emerging Trends need to Drive Action Don’t fear trends. Embrace them as an opportunity to reach new audiences. Using social listening and management tools for trend notification can streamline efforts and provide quick insights to act on. Watch for: • Brand audience trends • Outside trends in your vertical • Entertainment / news impacts • Competitors • Search trends on Facebook, Twitter, and Google
  20. 08. Break Down Organizational Silos
  21. 08. Break Down Organizational Silos Breaking down silos across departments can be valuable for other business initiatives. (Tip 2) Know the stakeholders impacting your social strategy, and get them talking and standardize on measurement of social data: • Community Management: Agency, regional • Customer Service: In-house, Local • Corporate Affairs & Legal: In-house, Global • Public Relations: Agency & In-house, Local • Advertising: Agency, Local • Product Innovation: In-house, Global • Sales: In-house, Local Source: Go-Gulp powered by Ragan survey
  22. 09. Aggregate Social Metrics
  23. 09. Aggregate Social Metrics Don’t look at a single data point and declare success! A full campaign view needs to be measured across organic and paid efforts. Comparing timeframe A to timeframe B tells you if you achieved a goal such as: • Increase awareness: Downloads views, shares, audience size • Increase sales: Leads, conversions, inquiries, or purchase data • Increase advocacy: Registrations, audience acquisition, calls to action
  24. 10. Discover What You’ve Learned
  25. Take the time to do a campaign retrospective. What was your top performing content? • Who engaged? • What was the reach? • What was the result of the efforts? Did the research gain you new audience members? Did you lose existing consumers? Did others in your organization gain value and insight to help their KPIs? 10. Discover What You’ve Learned
  26. • Content planning, assets library, publishing, and collaboration capabilities • Over 2000+ analytics to track account, audience and content performance across 9 channels • Supports 53 languages and translates local messages, currencies and times in over 100 markets • English, Chinese, and Japanese software interface to support global enterprises • Simplified workflows based on enterprise daily workflows and needs Social Management Software Can Help
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  1. You might be able to answer some of these immediately but without data to be certain, you may waste resources trying to connect and reach them.
  2. Analytics tools can help you understand who talks about you, your competition or your industry, where they say it, and what they say.
  3. Ali G – Do you consider yourselves to have a fun, qwerky brand? Piers Morgan – Is your brand corporate and arrogant? Tiesto – Is your brand experiential, and about “fun” David Cameron – Is your brand political? Troll – Is your brand engagement based on trolling users (Paddy Power as a good example) Brand personality traits are never a bad thing, they make your brand unique What do you want to gain in Social Media? WORLD CLASS CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: ”I want our company to be leaders in delivering the best customer experience”. MARKETING LEADERSHIP: “I want our company to be a category leader. WORLD CLASS CREATIVE: “I want to be the Buzz Brand”. THE SOCIAL SELLER: “I just want to sell more and sell it faster”. SECURITY AND COMPLIANCE: “I want to safety and simplicity”.
  4. Analytics tools can help you understand who talks about you, your competition or your industry, where they say it, and what they say.
  6. R&D would love real time feedback to the changes in products that hit the shelves. CRM team would like to see the social content calendar to coordinate email. Opps needs to know when that offer was promoted to staff for in store sales. Legal wants to ensure copyright distribution is tracked on social. Analytics tools can help you understand who talks about you, your competition or your industry, where they say it, and what they say.