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Coming From Sysomos In 2016

2016 is in full swing, and it’s shaping up to be an exciting year here at Sysomos. What do we have planned? Join us in this presentation to find out.

We’ll cover what we have planned for new products added to the Sysomos portfolio (Expion, Gaze, and Scout), and outline ways you can use two new products - Sysomos Influence and Sysomos Optimize - to zero in on key influencers and get more from targeted paid media on Twitter.

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Coming From Sysomos In 2016

  1. 1. Agenda • Our Story • 2015: Where We’ve Been • 2016: Where We’re Going • Questions
  2. 2. Our Story Since our beginning in 2007 at the University of Toronto, using data science to understand unstructured data has always been a core value of our business.
  3. 3. Established Trusted Focused Growing The largest independent provider of social intelligence in the world 1,400 of the world’s most innovative companies, including 8 out of 10 of the most valuable brands Our PhDs and data scientists are at the forefront of moving social analytics from descriptive of the past to predictive of the future Revenue up 10x from 2010 to 2015 As our business and customers grew together we started to change the way companies use social data to drive smarter business solutions and more personalized, relevant experiences.
  4. 4. 4 terabytes day 2 petabytes year 1 trillion + conversations 2.1 trillion relationships Making Sense Of It All Gain a deeper understanding of customers and prospects to drive more targeted, efficient interactions. Monetizing Dynamic Interaction Execute impactful, social-engagement strategies that lead directly to bottom-line results. Responsive Engagement Monitor social channels and discover the moments that influence their decisions to engage relevantly in real time. The Challenges of Big Data
  5. 5. Understanding Our Customers Today our customers are constantly faced with new challenges and business needs where turning insights into action has become more important than ever before.
  6. 6. A Very Exciting 2015
  7. 7. A Growing Family In 2015, the Sysomos family grew significantly, adding 3 new products and re- launching 2 core solutions
  8. 8. Customer Challenges: • “We need a robust social engagement platform to support the publishing and customer interaction we do across all our social channels.” • “We need to be able to share and manage social content and best practices across multiple teams, regions, and departments.” • “We need to analyze and measure the performance of our social channels as well as our content to make informed decisions and know what works best to share.” Content and Relationship Management
  9. 9. • Content planning, discovery, publishing, and management capabilities. • Real-time analytics that gauge the performance of assets as they go live. • Supports 53 languages and translates local messages, currencies and times in over 100 markets. • English, Chinese and Japanese interfaces. • Massive asset library empowers teams to take action. Content and Relationship Management
  10. 10. Content and Relationship Management
  11. 11. Content and Relationship Management Customer Challenges: • “We want to monitor for trademark or copyright infringement, brand impersonation, or defamatory content that requires additional action.” • “I want to engage with active influencers and brand advocates that actively post pictures of our products online.” • “I want to evaluate the content and experiential photographs that emerge from an event we produce, to better understand people’s experience.” Visual Listening
  12. 12. • See your brand in a whole new way • Monitor photos on Instagram and Twitter that contain the logo(s) you upload. • Conduct influencer and virality analytics to see what content is performing best, getting shared, and garnering engagement • Identify objects in photographs and other brands that are most often associated with yours to power strong marketing partnerships and opportunities Visual Listening
  13. 13. Visual Listening
  14. 14. Content and Relationship Management Customer Challenges: • “We want to understand trends and run analysis on our brand, competitors, and topics across all Facebook content.” • “We want to compare trends and analysis from all Facebook content versus other social media channels.” • “We want to understand what types of interactions happen with our brand, competitors, and topics across Facebook.” Summarize and Aggregate Facebook Data
  15. 15. • Topic Data: A privacy-first approach to Facebook analytics, feat. aggregate analytics and anonymized insights rather than post level details. • Gain insights from the world’s largest source of public opinion. • Over 1 billion daily active users, 40M+ SME businesses with active Facebook pages, 2M+ active advertisers. • Scout: Allows you to filter reports based on age, country, gender, hashtags, interaction type (story, comment, like, share), top links, media type (post, photo, share, link, video), and sentiment. Summarize and Aggregate Facebook Data
  16. 16. Summarize and Aggregate Facebook Data
  17. 17. Content and Relationship Management Customer Challenges: • “We want to be able to do social research and pull actionable insights across multiple social channels.” • “We want to conduct research without any limitations to data or searches.” • “We want in-depth, data-science driven analytics that go beyond mentions.” Research and Analytics
  18. 18. • The ease of discovering, analyzing and understanding not just the topic you know - but the one you haven’t found. • Understand how topics perpetuate over time and different media. • Find communities that are passionate about what you do, and understand how they’re networked and connected. • Identify gaps in market needs, impressions, and sentiment in the community, and the development of your products and services. Research and Analytics
  19. 19. Research and Analytics
  20. 20. Content and Relationship Management Customer Challenges: • “We need to do ongoing social listening and monitoring for our business and gain helpful insights to inform our social marketing decisions.” • “We need to monitor our industry news and activity, also our competitors’ activities to stay current and relevant with our content and business strategy.” • “We need dashboards and alerts that detail the various activities and interests of our business on social media across multiple markets and channels.” Listen and Monitor
  21. 21. • Topical tracking and alerts help you stay on top of the issues and conversations that matter most. • Understand how dialogue drives your brand, competition and industry. • Discover advocates and influencers, and engage them in conversation. • Answer real-time questions, concerns, and compliments from your customers and community. Listen and Monitor
  22. 22. Listen and Monitor
  23. 23. Starting 2016 With Momentum
  24. 24. Bankable Insights & Action, Before Anyone Else.
  25. 25. INSIGHTHINDSIGHT FORESIGHT Descriptive Associative Predictive The key to social intelligence is to move our applications of social data forward in compelling ways to drive action. Pre-emptive Customer Relevanc e
  26. 26. Our Sysomos Family Continues to Grow in 2016 As of today we are announcing two new solutions in beta, designed specifically for influencer identification and enhanced paid Twitter targeting
  27. 27. Content and Relationship Management Customer Challenges: • “I need to find groups of like-minded individuals who discuss topics that relate to my brand or customer base, so we can do informed engagement with them.” • “We want to find and engage with the most influential individuals in communities that discuss topics related to our brand so we can spend our resources more wisely.” • “We want to understand how one community around a topic is connected to another community, and know what the most influential connectors are.” Identify and Engage
  28. 28. • Harness the power of word of mouth and peer influence. • Conduct a simple keyword search to uncover hundreds of influencers in your topic space. • See what influencers are discussing, who they are discussing it with, and the breadth of their social influence. • Find the key players driving conversations in specific communities. Identify and Engage
  29. 29. • Conduct detailed analysis on an influencers conversations and activity. • Gain valuable insights on the traits of a community as well as identify connectors between communities. • Utilize detailed analysis to engage with influencers in meaningful ways. Identify and Engage
  30. 30. • Curate lists of like minded individuals and infleuncers for further analysis or tracking. • Understand what a list is talking about, sharing, and engaging with over time. • Share lists amongst colleagues and other user groups. Identify and Engage
  31. 31. Content and Relationship Management Customer Challenges: • “We need better ROI out of our paid Twitter campaigns.” • “We need larger lists to target our paid Twitter campaigns at.” • “We want hyper-focused targeting to pin point very specific personas.” • “We need to track the performance of a Twitter campaign in a way that allows us to refine our strategy and ensure spend is the most efficient.” Targeted and Amplified Paid Promotion
  32. 32. • Search on Twitter using targeted keywords via Boolean queries. • Detail and discover precise conversations surfacing on Twitter, enabling you to zero in on your promo targets with laser focus. Targeted and Amplified Paid Promotion
  33. 33. Targeted and Amplified Paid Promotion • Look-a-like modeling to expand your list and discover other prospects who share attributes with your known targets. • Powerful campaign metrics and campaign reporting across all social engagement metrics.
  34. 34. Stay tuned, this is just the beginning…
  35. 35. Thank You! @Sysomos

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2016 is in full swing, and it’s shaping up to be an exciting year here at Sysomos. What do we have planned? Join us in this presentation to find out. We’ll cover what we have planned for new products added to the Sysomos portfolio (Expion, Gaze, and Scout), and outline ways you can use two new products - Sysomos Influence and Sysomos Optimize - to zero in on key influencers and get more from targeted paid media on Twitter.


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