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Driving growth & profitability through sales excellence

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Presentation by Dr. Juha Mattsson in Teknologiateollisuus event "Myyntiosaamisesta kilpailuetua" 14.5.2013.

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Driving growth & profitability through sales excellence

  1. 1. Driving Growth & Profitability through Sales ExcellenceDr. Juha MattssonManaging Director & Co-Founder, Symbioosijuha.mattsson@symbioosi.fiTeknologiateollisuusMay 14th, 2013We transform sales into a competitive advantage
  2. 2. Symbioosi:Trusted Sales Transformation Partner and Sales Innovator© Symbioosi Partners, Juha MattssonWe drive Sales Excellencefrom strategy to hands-on executionOur key Industry ExperienceThe Unique Combination that makes usa leading partner in sales developmentVision, strategy,business modelOrganization, processes,practices, tools, systemsPeople, competencies,culture, actionIIIIII2TechnologyIT & telecomLogisticsFinancial servicesMetal & engineeringIndustrial servicesWood productsConstructionSenior experiencein leadership andtransformationInternationalbusiness andacademic networkProven track record inagile improvementof sales capabilitiesSignificant profitability &growth impacts in 100+client assignmentsTop talent andsolid knowledge baseProjectdelivery experiencein multiple countriesSome of our Reference Customers14.5.2013
  3. 3. SalesTransformationOperational SalesExcellenceSalesInnovationOur Service Offering focuses on driving top-line growth andprofitability through excellence in sales© Symbioosi Partners, Juha Mattsson3End-to-end salestransformation programsto drive a strategic change. Adopting service businessmodels From selling products toselling life-cycle solutions From cost-plus to value-based pricingDevelopment programsto improve efficiency and buildsales capabilities. Funnel management &reporting Account management Value-based pricing Sales tools, systems & data Win-plans & bidmanagementCustomized projects forcreating, validating andexecuting a new model. New product/conceptvalidation Customer development Go-to-market Channel strategy Product launch Expansion to new marketmarkets & segmentsI II III14.5.2013
  4. 4. How to drive growth, profitability, innovation and renewalthrough sales excellence?© Symbioosi Partners, Juha Mattsson4 14.5.2013
  5. 5. Customers&MarketsProductOfferingSales &MarketingModelMake buying"dangerously"easyOptimizeproduct-market fitBuildscalabilityIIProfitableGrowthIIIIUnderstand how, why andwhen your customers makea purchase decisionCreate an end-to-end salesand marketing machineUnderstand how youroffering generates value toyour customersCustomer and sales driven strategy© Symbioosi Partners, Juha Mattsson14.5.20135
  6. 6. Customer Development is a proven methodology to validateand build a customer base during R&D© Symbioosi Partners, Juha Mattsson6 14.5.2013PROBLEM Core Customer-Problem-Solutionhypothesis Positioning Customer acquisition Market sizeSOLUTION Platform Architecture FeaturesCUSTOMER PRODUCTCUSTOMERDEVELOPMENTPRODUCTDEVELOPMENTFeedbackITERATIVE VALIDATION OF PRODUCT/MARKET FIT
  7. 7. GrowRevenuesReduceOperationalExpenses(OPEX)Reduce CapitalExpenditure(CAPEX)RemoveDisturbances(risk)1. 2.3. 4.7Sell business impacts & value14.5.2013 © Symbioosi Partners, Juha MattssonIII FeaturesII BenefitsI Business value
  8. 8. GrowRevenuesReduceOperationalExpenses(OPEX)Reduce CapitalExpenditure(CAPEX)RemoveDisturbances(risk)1. 2.3. 4.8Sell business impacts & value14.5.2013 © Symbioosi Partners, Juha MattssonFeatureFeatureEnergyefficiencyIII FeaturesII BenefitsI Business valueNeed forless capacityFeatureDesirabilityof productsOptimizationof installedbaseServiceFeatureReliability,durabilityFewerproductionstopsLess servicecost
  9. 9. Building an end-to-end sales and marketing machine9Existingaccounts2. DELIVERY &ACCOUNT MGMT3. CUSTOMERHARVESTING &PRIORITIZATION1. SALES PROCESS &FUNNEL0. MARKETING &PRODUCTIZATIONBrand marketingProductdevelopment &managementSales-drivenmarketingMarket intelligenceand segmentation© Symbioosi Partners, Juha Mattsson14.5.2013Strategy & Business ModelProduct-marketfitLeadgen, e-sales,marketingautom.Sales process &funnel mgmtAccount mgmtCustomermanagement/priorization
  10. 10. Fine-tuning sales operations© Symbioosi Partners, Juha Mattsson10SYMBIOOSI SALES AUDIT14.5.2013
  11. 11. Vision,Strategy,Business modelOrganization,Processes,Practices, ToolsPeople,Competence,Culture, ActionStrategic ManagementProcess ManagementLeadershipProfessional sales managementIIIIII• Customer focus & market positioning• Value proposition and product offering• Sales & marketing model• Business model: revenue sources,operational models, drivers of profitabilityEstablish a shared, crystal clearCustomer-Offering-Sales strategyEstablish structures & practices thatenable the systematic execution ofthe staretegy and business model• Reporting, funnel management, KPIs• Opportunity management & steering• Sales processes, roles & responsibilities• Tools, systems & data• Sales management practices• Coaching and authentic leadership• Competence development• Incentives & compensation• Sales spirit, culture, motivation• Sales HRMaximize the scalability of customeracquisition & earning modelsEstablish high-motivation andhigh-performance teams thatdeliver superior results – andlead them accordingly14.5.2013 © Symbioosi Partners, Juha Mattsson11
  12. 12. OperateTransformation to service & solution business14.5.2013 © Symbioosi Partners, Juha Mattsson12Concept Planning Installation DecommissionMaintainSystemComponent Product businessProject businessService business forcontinuing partnershipSolution business forvalue co-creation Need mapping Requirements Special need &innovation Technicalspecifications Product selection Schedules Supply & logistics Installation &testing Handover Processoptimization Spare parts Service Modifications RefurbishmentTypical life cycle of customers business (B2B)Evolution of suppliers business scope and value creation
  13. 13. Service selling is often the limiting factor for successfulsolution sellingProductSolutionSolutionService Product ServiceSolutionProduct ServiceSolutionProduct Service14.5.2013 © Symbioosi Partners, Juha Mattsson13
  14. 14. Reactive End-to-end solutions to runand develop businesscritical processes for thecustomerProactiveConsultativePartnershipBusiness co-creationTypical steps in service transformation14.5.2013 © Symbioosi Partners, Juha Mattsson14RepairSupport / MaintenanceDevelopment programOperation partnerBusiness value partnerComments Spare parts Repair service Scheduled maintenance Expert services Tailored service programsto extend customersoperative performance Operation of machines/facility/site/processExamples Most profitable Supports core equipment sales Open to direct competition Service contracts along withcore equipment sales Moderate customer lock-in Customers value chain known Life cycle support Value-based pricing Involved in customer business Shared business risk Shared business opportunity Taking over customeroperational processes Operational targets andguarantees
  15. 15. Summary: How to drive growth, profitability, innovation andrenewal through sales excellence© Symbioosi Partners, Juha Mattsson15Customer & sales driven strategyBuilding an"end-to-end sales &marketing machine""Customer Development" toaccompany product developmentSelling business impacts & value;value-based pricingFine-tuning all parts of yoursales operationsSales-drivenstrategic transformationProfessional sales managementScalability & agilityIIIIIIIVVVIVIIVIII14.5.2013
  16. 16. My final words.. is buying dangerously easy?The three simple rules of sales excellence:1. Prioritize customers. Only sell to the RIGHT customers.2. Shift emphasis on the "front yard" in R&D, innovation and product management.3. Build a scalable, end-to-end sales and marketing machine.A checklist to see if youve already got it right:1. Is buying (and selling) of your product/offering dangerously easy?2. Product-market fit: How large share of the market would miss youif your offering was drawn away from the markets?3. Scalability: Would you be able to start a franchise?© Symbioosi Partners, Juha Mattsson16 14.5.2013
  17. 17. Best Cases in B2BSales ManagementMattsson & Parvinen,2011Finalist,Pro OeconomicaAward 2012THANK YOU!Symbioosi Partners OyMinervankatu 2 A 1000100 Helsinki, Finlandwww.symbioosi.fifirst.last@symbioosi.fiDr. Juha MattssonMobile +358 41 533 6400