osmania univeristy mba business management notes digital business e-business employability communications & mkg hr it mba with fin value delivery product delivery transportation distribution management business manaement courses mba students operations management logistics and supply chain management logistics supply chain management study material mba course osmania international marketing global business international business bba service organisation business subjetc amajad alikhan college mama course 5 year mba course cusromer relationship management cr business studeis regular mba mba-osmania mba-regular marketing principles of marketing basics of marketing marketing management dr.bakhtiyari amjad ali khan college mba-osmania university product and brand management brand management mba marketing product management marketing specialization mba-ii year osmania university consumer marketing elective consumer behaviour master's with marketing electives mba-marketing marketing option in mba mba with marketing osmania university mba specialisation mba electives slecting electives in mba mba. marketing punctuality and descipline students irregularity time to find the reasons irresponsible behaviour of students reasons for not attending classes skipping class mba-sales management master of applied management-vi semster notes sales sales force sales department/organisation sales management/ salesmenship demonetization remonetization black money promotion and distribution management marketing minor based on the syllabus of osmania university.- t.s
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