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Hazel case

  1. Group 18 Michelle Groothedde, Tess Lankhorst & Debbie Zheng
  2.  Background  New product and logo  Mission statement  Advertisement  conclusion
  3.  One of the world’s largest direct sellers of cosmetics and beauty products  Sales declined  Problems
  4.  Foundation  Scent SCENDATION
  5. Hazel is already a huge success, but of course their mission is to keep their sales up in the cosmetics and beauty world, just like every other company in this world. Hazel wants to acquire that by keep trying to improve their quality of products, only producing the products that are highly sold and new products, and by keep looking out and inventing new products. Hazel will also change to whole lay-out of Hazel’s magazine to make it more interesting, so readers won’t get bored by looking through the pages.
  6. Hazel Scendation “It’s not my fragrance, it’s my foundation.”
  7.  Withour new product, we want to rebuild and improve our image around the world, and we will also try to improve our sales and global growth.
  8. Thank you for your attention