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Biochem presentation

  1. Quantum Science Suzy Dior Creation Copyright
  2. How does our body REALLY work? Suzy Dior Creation Copyright
  3. To achieve new results we must take new actions Much medicine today fails to find the cures for many of our most serious of our illness It has been found that such as these failures are not cancer, heart disease, obesity, the result of science AIDS, diabetes, herpes, failing medicine, but various viruses, bacteria, medicine failing to use fungus etc - science. fails at so much that accounts for the quality of life in health? Suzy Dior Creation Copyright
  4. Where did our current medical ideas come?  Louis Pasteur – The Germ Theory  Germs cause disease?  When chemicals are used the terrain remains toxic Suzy Dior Creation Copyright
  5. When balance is restored to the body, healing will take place Suzy Dior Creation Copyright
  6. Biochemistry Balance a miracle!  After years of evaluation of all body fluids and parts, it was finally found that the best two substances to get measurements from are urine and saliva. It was found that a person with numbers in certain ranges was free of disease. Also those with miraculous healing had their numbers in the same range. This system is amazingly accurate. The equation used leads to ‘the path of least resistance; Suzy Dior Creation Copyright
  7. What are out of balance symptoms?  Virus issues  Attention deficit  Bacteria problems  Energy issues  Skin disorders  Stress  Digestive disturbance  Diabetes  Weight excess or lack  Strokes  Metabolic imbalance  Sleeplessness  Mental imbalance  Cancer  Heart problems  Addictions  Joint problems  Emotional disturbance Suzy Dior Creation Copyright
  8. Biochemistry The Dashboard for the body – to find imbalances Suzy Dior Creation Copyright
  9. The Organs Suzy Dior Creation Copyright
  10. The Kidneys – are yours happy?  Clean the blood  Eliminate Excess toxins  Overflow system  Need Hydration  May affect knees and ankles  Biochemistry measures hydration, flow, electrolytes, condition of the blood and distressed kidneys Suzy Dior Creation Copyright
  11. The Stomach – the key to health Produces Hydrochloric Acid (HCL)  Acid Reflux, stomach upsets, digestive  disorders, weak cells, disease  Kills bacteria, parasites, fungus  The weaker the digestion, the more that food should be cooked Better food is raw with good digestion If the body temp is low the digestion is Impaired – hence raw in summer, cooked In winter  Biochemistry measures level of HCL and how the stomach is functioning in relation to other organs Suzy Dior Creation Copyright
  12. Animal foods  There is something about the way an animals body chemistry structures and develops its flesh that makes it toxic to human bodies.  To produce meat take enormous amount of resources that could be better used  Meat takes a lot longer to digest and sometimes will not digest and will sit in the colon fermenting for a long time Suzy Dior Creation Copyright
  13. The Liver and Gall Bladder  Liver where the DNA is created  Gall bladder creates Bile Flow  pH alkaline  Fat digestion  If the liver does not work then eventually it will affect other organs. Aside from the brain this is the most important organ and responsible for making the amino acid structures.  The older the person the longer and more mineral it takes to replicate the cell and DNA structure  Biochemistry measures how the bile flow is working, if there is blockage and adequate production. Suzy Dior Creation Copyright
  14. Liver food  Water – if not enough or not quality then the vibration of DNA grows so large that the original structure is destabilized and sent into new geometry.  Oxygen – without this liver can’t handle the calcium properly. Oxygen makes it possible for cell turn over. The life cycle of the cell is kept on schedule and old ones replaced.  Calcium Suzy Dior Creation Copyright
  15. Liver food  Iron. These next three are necessary for the cell structure of the liver itself. Necessary for the cell structure of the liver itself. The liver cannibalizes itself to supply other organs . it is constantly replacing itself on behalf of the rest of the body. This is why it is unique. There is a relation of Saliva ph as a liver strength indicator.  Iodine  Vitamin A Suzy Dior Creation Copyright
  16. Coffee!  Marketing – addiction - hypnosis  How much water to create only 1 tsp coffee?  Slavery or non slavery  Cadmium – highest neurotoxin  Black substance  Prevents uptake of Calcium  Prevents uptake of Iron  Increases urine ph unnecessarily  Blocks the flow of bile Suzy Dior Creation Copyright
  17. The Brain  100% of all bodys illness start in the brain. The brains energy is vital for the magnetic effects in the liver. A mind not in perfect peace will be subject to negative emotions.  A mind exercised through these emotions is preventing the liver getting its true energy flow. The brain is expending its electrical impulse on problems and the liver is deprived of the electrical force.  The brain uses glucose for food. Suzy Dior Creation Copyright
  18. Energy Production – are you limited to just sugar or fat?  Fat burning  Sugar Burning  Weight loss  Lasting energy Suzy Dior Creation Copyright
  19. The Automatic Nervous System  Heartbeat, breathing  Muscles and movement  Hair, nails etc  Sympathetic  Parasympathetic Suzy Dior Creation Copyright
  20. Salts, Proteins and Minerals  Dehydrated or over hydrated?  Mineral deficient or excess?  Protein deficient or excess?  Electrolytes high or low  Biochemistry measures your level of salts and sugars Suzy Dior Creation Copyright
  21. Vitamin C  The healing system  Strengthen vascular  Overall health level  Body does not create it but does require it  Biochemistry measures your Vitamin C level if it is adequate Suzy Dior Creation Copyright
  22. Blood Pressure and the Heart  Vascular wall burnout  Tired, faint, LBP  High blood pressure  Heart conditions  Exercise and diet  Biochemistry measures how the heart is coping with life, health, stress, sickness and helps you become the expert yourself. Suzy Dior Creation Copyright
  23. Glucose, sugars and insulin  How to stay younger  Insulin and diabetes  Hormones  Overweight  Biochemistry measures your glucose level . Are you in danger? Too low or too high. Hormones working ok? Are you burning out? Suzy Dior Creation Copyright
  24. Cell Structures Suzy Dior Creation Copyright
  25. The Cell Membrane Dynamic  Suzy Dior Creation Copyright
  26. Lipids (fats) Insomnia Viruses diarrhea bacteria oliguria chronic fatigue bradycardia sleep hypotension constipation polyuria rheumatoid arthritis tachycardia rapid aging a hypertension MS osteoarthritis gall bladder colic lactic acid colitis seizures crohn's solid tumor cancers... psoriasis Cardio - disease non-solid tumor cancers... Suzy Dior Creation Copyright
  27. The Lymph Flow Suzy Dior Creation Copyright
  28. Energy  Electrical impulses carried out by chemical reactions produced by minerals  20% of mineral energy comes from food digestion  80% of mineral energy comes from the atmosphere which one breathes and lives in  The more efficient the digestion – the more efficient the body is in extracting mineral energy from the air Suzy Dior Creation Copyright
  29. The Atmosphere  Trace elements exist in the atmosphere  Electromagnetic frequencies we need are in the atmosphere  Frequencies of the whole spectrum of visible light to cosmic radiation  The electromagnetic spin: digestive enzymes and lemon are anionic and all other foods are cationic  Distilled Natural rain water on plants has high energy and enhances the movement of mineral to the liver – animals will choose this water over any other. Today rain water is polluted but glacier water is the best Suzy Dior Creation Copyright
  30. Mineral excess or deficient? Suzy Dior Creation Copyright
  31. pH = Potential Hydrogen  Hydrogen. The most plentiful element.  Measured on ph scale 1-14  Acid/Alkaline  What happens to other systems in body determines the ph of your systems. Biochemistry uncovers these systems to help you master your body’s acid/alkaline balance. Suzy Dior Creation Copyright
  32. Acid and Alkaline  Acid  Alkaline  Fast burning  Low electrolytes  Over active  Low energy  Ripe for bacteria and  Fatigue fungus  Slow digestion  Leaching  Open for virus calcium/minerals Suzy Dior Creation Copyright
  33. Calcium and Magnesium  To contract a muscle and turn it on calcium is needed.  To relax a muscle and turn it off magnesium is needed  Calcium and Magnesium 2 most important minerals. Energy is required to control calcium whereas magnesium will take care of itself. This is why so much more importance is given to calcium and it is seldom necessary to supplement it. Suzy Dior Creation Copyright
  34. 6.4 pH 6.3 - 6.6 pH iodine 6.3 - 6.7 pH molly and silver 6.2 - 6.9 pH germanium and selenium 6.1 - 6.8 pH copper and zinc 6 - 7 pH Chromium, manganese, iron, cobalt 5.8 - 7.2 pH Vit A/B/E/F/K, sulphur, chlorine, potassium, calcium, titanium 5.6 - 7.4 pH Sodium, magnesium, silica, phosphorus 5.4 - 7.6 pHHydrogen, carbon, lithium, Benzine, boron, nitrogen, oxygen 5.2 - 7.8 pH Serious Condition/Hospital or worse Suzy Dior Creation Copyright
  35. What is a Bio Chemical Assessment Medicine using science, terrain and cells Medicine using logic on you as an individual Teaching you how to be healthy so you can’t be sick When body chemistry is in balance the body is healthy Using urine, saliva and blood Suzy Dior Creation Copyright
  36. The Benefits of Biochemistry  Finding out your specific imbalance  Awareness of why you are sick  Adapting your nutrition to rebalance the body  Relieve your symptoms long term by going to the cause  Prevention: Knowing how to look after your body for the future to remain healthy and well and in balance. When the body is in balance it can’t be sick. Avoid illness by using science.  Vibrant Health and Energy  Educate yourself, your friends and your family how to healthy  Check for life threatening illness and long term issues Suzy Dior Creation Copyright
  37. Full Biochemistry Flow Analysis Booking Monday and Tuesday Normal Price Euro 460 ***************** Special today includes FREE BONUS worth of Live and Dried Blood Analysis Suzy Dior Creation Copyright

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  1. A miracle body. We are experts in many things but its time we learnt how our systems really work and interact
  2. What's the pain? People don’t have solutions. Ask if anyone here has had before or has sickness that they couldn’t find answer to completely cure however small. Ask for 3 shares. Tell the story about Jaime dad altitude sickness and finding something in 2 minutes that all the hospital tests couldn’t. Explain it is time to upgrade the system to new advanced thinking which works better. Compliment doctors on their desire to help, that 200 were in Madrid magnets, that the countries head of health system was at biochemistry, that doctor on plane I taught ph’s to and he was very receptive and that they too are looking for new ways to do things which work better. Their integrity and desire to help is huge.
  3. Truth is we need germs we are full of them. Germs are scavengers louise noticed when they did autopsy on people there were millions of germs… of course there were. Dead man theory. Germs cleaning up. From then on everyone operated on this theory. Pasteur made a classic science error. The symptom is not the cause. Later he admitted he was wrong but it was too late. The medical establishment had taken place. You cause the terrain.
  4. Why do we get imbalance? Extreme stress, emotional, bad diet, air, water, chemical drugs/doctor drugs. alcohol
  5. Brain is main. Liver. Kidneys, spleen, gall, digestive..
  6. Digestion of fats, 2nd main organ after brain. Affects all other organs.