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  1. 1. If you have so many problems, which are causing you headaches..
  2. 2. And you feel like your life is hanging on by a thread….
  3. 3. And you notice your skin getting wrinkled and you are beginning to feel old..
  4. 4. And you stop having the energy to fight every battle..
  5. 5. Then stay calm and reflect a while ….
  6. 6. About your friends and all who hold you dear! Think about all the wonderful moments in life..
  7. 7. You’ll see life is not as bleak as you first thought
  8. 8. So blow away the cobwebs of dark and depressive thoughts
  9. 9. And you’ll see that even the dark moments will become brighter
  10. 10. Give your troubles to the One who promised to carry your burdens and give you a peace beyond all understanding!
  11. 11. I wish you a happy, peaceful and positive day.