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The Future of Net Positive Strategies as a Driver of the Good Life

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This session focused on specific businesses and case studies that are implementing the Net Positive principles. Learn how these businesses are using new tools and partnerships, to strengthen the momentum of their Net Positive programs, creative more positive impact faster and ultimately boost their bottom lines while future-proofing their brands.

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The Future of Net Positive Strategies as a Driver of the Good Life

  2. 2. The Future of Net Positive Strategies Sally Uren Louise Koch Anthony Abbotts
  3. 3. Forum for the Future 1Innovate solutions to systemic challenges 2Develop and deliver transformational strategies 3Equip people to drive systemic change
  4. 4. Despite ambitious efforts, we are facing crisis and potential collapse across multiple aspects of society, ecosystems and commercial markets. Today’s dilemma
  5. 5. Despite ambitious efforts, we are facing crisis and potential collapse across multiple aspects of society, ecosystems and commercial markets. Net Positive What if business put back more into society and the environment than what they take out?
  6. 6. What is Net Positive? The Net Positive Project brings together an authoritative and ambitious coalition of cross-sector partners to develop a credible and aligned net positive approach, supported by a common set of principles and best practices. This growing movement of companies are making new, publicly accountable net positive commitments to go beyond mitigation of negative impacts and drive absolute, positive outcomes
  7. 7. BSR Center for Technology & Sustainability Forum for the Future The Net Positive Group Greg Norris SHINE / Handprinting Launch Year 1 June 2016 Complete Year 1 July 2017 Launch Year 2 July 2017 • 13 Companies • Project Vision • 17 Companies • 3 work streams: Principles Methodology Case Studies • 17+ Companies • Expanded workstreams • Increased external engagement The NPP was formed by three organizations in collaboration with more than a dozen companies, synthesizing existing initiatives to advance a joint platform for developing and promoting net positive. NPP history and timeline
  8. 8. Despite ambitious efforts, we are facing crisis and potential collapse across multiple aspects of society, ecosystems and commercial markets. The Principles What if business put back more into society and the environment than what they take out? Will equip aspiring net positive organizations with: An accessible framework with four guiding principles that define the net positive ambition and any associated strategy Guidance on the shifts in mindsets, behaviors and outcomes within organizations that facilitate success on an organization’s net positive journey A common language for raising ambition and inspiring collaboration among others in the net positive movement
  9. 9. Material Focusing on what matters most Systemic Influencing change beyond an organization’s four walls . Regenerative Creating positive self-replicating cycles in nature and society Transparent Sharing progress honestly Net Positive strategies focus on those social and environmental issues most impacted by a business and its value chain, as identified by internal and external stakeholders on a routine basis. A positive impact or ‘handprint’ in one material issue must not compensate for the negative impact or ‘footprint’ in another material issue Net Positive revitalizes the natural world, strengthens communities, improves individual well-being and strives for long-term positive impact. Net Positive does not cause irreversible damage to the environment, society, or individuals. If new activity resulting from a net positive strategy negatively impacts a company‘s material issues, these would need to be added to the company’s footprint hurdle & addressed without irreversible loss. Net Positive strategies catalyse positive change from cradle to grave to positively impact entire social, environmental, and economic systems. These strategies recognize that just addressing a single organisation’s behaviour would not significantly change outcomes to society and the environment. These systems, and their underlying relationships, are dynamic and must be continually reassessed to ensure greatest impact Net Positive requires actions, progress, and measurement that are clear, credible, and easily accessible in communications. Attribution of all material impacts – both positive and negative – must be measurable and demonstrable Four principles can define a net positive strategyThe Principles
  10. 10. Mindset shifts Behavior shifts Outcome shifts Material Prioritize by impact Include Partners Eliminate irreversible losses Systemic Recognize interdependence Collaborate Create a positive enabling environment Transparent Experiment and share Communicate openly Demonstrate progress Regenerative Empower stakeholders Ground evidence in science Create handprint Mindset, behaviors, outcomes
  11. 11. Material Focusing on what matters most Systemic Influencing change beyond an organization’s four walls . Regenerative Creating positive self-replicating cycles in nature and society Transparent Sharing progress honestly Kimberley Clark Fetzer Dell Levis Bringing the principles to life
  12. 12. “Our sustainability 2022 strategy was built on a collaborative process involving key stakeholders. This process allowed us to prioritize issues based on their relevance to the business and the potential for us to make a meaningful impact.” Partner stories Kimberley Clark: defining what matters most
  13. 13. “We’re taking something dirty like wastewater and getting two very valuable resources from it, and all the while using 85% less energy than the aeration ponds we used to use to treat wastewater.” Partner stories Fetzer: a regenerative approach
  14. 14. “Everything we make and sell is net negative until our customers start using it. As a company we want to drive positive outcomes, but we can’t do it by ourselves – we need to focus downstream and get our customers engaged.” Partner stories Dell: working across a system
  15. 15. “The Principals enable us to think systemically, beyond our four walls. That means to… shift our industry and others toward more responsible practices. They [also] provide a higher standard, expecting increased transparency across all facets of business. We’ve taken this approach to heart.” Partner stories Levi Strauss: driving systemic change, transparently
  16. 16. Organization Net Positive Toolkit 15 Aspirations and Commitments Methodology Application, Demonstration, and Communication Applied Methodology Year 2: applying Net Positive
  17. 17. Thank you • s.seru@forumforthefuture.org • c.collison@forumforthefuture.org Forum for the Future is an independent, global non-profit with a 20 year track record in driving change towards a sustainable future. www.forumforthefuture.org @forum4thefuture Dr Sally Uren CEO s.uren@forumforthefuture.org
  18. 18. Digital transformation as a driver of Net Positive Value & the Good Life Louise Koch, Corporate Sustainability Lead, EMEA @LouiseGKoch @Dell4Good #Legacyofgood
  19. 19. 18 Who is Dell Technologies? Dell Technologies is a unique family of businesses that provides the essential infrastructure for organizations to build their digital future, transform IT and protect their most important asset, information. 138,000 employees // 180 countries // 98% of Fortune 500
  20. 20. 19 Our purpose We create technologies that drive human progress © Copyright 2017 Dell Inc.19
  21. 21. Building a Legacy of Good 22 Sustainability Goals for 2020 We are committed to driving human progress by putting our technology and expertise to work where it can do the most good. Supply Chain Environment People Communities Driving transparency, accountability and continuous improvement across a responsible supply chain. From innovative design to end-of-life recycling and everything in between, we keep the environment in mind. Attracting the best talent, building diverse and inclusive teams, and winning together. That’s the Dell way. We apply our funding, technology, and volunteered expertise to help communities grow and thrive. Learn more at legacyofgood.dell.com
  22. 22. 21 of Y By 2020, the good that will come from our technology will be 10x what it takes to create and use it.
  23. 23. 22 TECHNOLOGY IS DRIVING HUMAN PROGRESS End-to-end digital solutions and expertise driving performance and sustainability Research & Education Climate & Energy Precision Agriculture Smart Utilities Smart production Smart CitySmart Health Circular Economy
  24. 24. 23 of 26 ICT transforming online education Online degrees at Arizona State University "What we’re really providing is an opportunity for anyone located anywhere, without constraint, to have access to the educational opportunities of a great research university and all of the faculty that we have assembled.” – Michael Crow, President, Arizona State University Expanding access to high quality education 30-70 tons CO2 saving per undergraduate student USD 545,000 in lifetime earning from bachelor
  25. 25. Dell TeleWork (US) 35,000 employees • - 2,7M ”Round Trips” / Year • 10x from home / month (US ~2x) • 35,000 metric tons of CO2e / Year • 7,500 cars of the road for a Year Increased productivity and employee satisfaction!
  26. 26. Dell 10x20 methodology studies U N S D G s Investigate use of SDG’s as a framework for measuring outcomes Results encouraging, but need more work Great progress on mapping solutions to goal indicators Explore carbon emissions performance of Dell customers Too early; current customer emissions improvements are small in magnitude Investigate correlations between customer IT spend and sustainability ratings/rankings No general correlation, but some evidence for correlation in specific solution areas (Smart Grid, IoT) Customer CDP emissions data Customer sustainability performance Conducted by Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability at ASU Conducted by TruCost Conducted by Valutus
  27. 27. Data driven innovation in children’s cancer care Cloud solutions and high performance computing power innovate pediatric cancer treatment: • Reducing genome sequencing analysis from weeks to 8 hours • TGen can double the # of patients served • Medical professionals can now collaborate and create better cancer treatment In partnership with the Translational Genomics Research Institute in the US and Goustave Roussy Hospital in France.
  28. 28. 27 7M USD savings in energy cost 49% reduction of food waste Major U.K. supermarket saves on thousands of degrees of refrigeration and energy consumption, while improving food quality and reducing food waste. • IoT sensors monitoring refrigeration units in cold chains • Optimizing energy use by cooling when needed • Real-time, automated decision-making capabilities allow customers to respond rapidly to events Dell EMC with partner IMS Evolve Smarter Cold Chains with IoT
  29. 29. Moving forward... • Continue collaborative work within the Net Positive Project • Continue work on innovative measurement studies • Look forward to 2030 • Continue to drive sustainable innovation with technology...
  30. 30. Digital transformation will drive sustainability In 2030 we will have up to 1000x more computing power Everything and everybody will be connected. Just imagine the positive impact that we can create from ICT together...
  31. 31. Join us in building a Legacy of Good legacyofgood.dell.com // www.dell.com/CSR @Dell4Good legacyofgood@dell.com
  32. 32. 31 of Y
  33. 33. Net positive & ROCKWOOL Anthony Abbotts, Director Group Sustainability ROCKWOOL Group 32÷ Anthony Abbotts÷ 31 October 2017 ÷ © ROCKWOOL International A/S Life
  34. 34. PurposeOur purpose This simple statement means a lot to us. It marks a shift in how we describe ourselves, it’s about why we do what we do as well as how. ÷ Anthony Abbotts÷ 31 October 2017 ÷ © ROCKWOOL International A/S
  35. 35. A net positive impact 34 From household walls and greenhouses; to power stations and railways – ROCKWOOL stone wool traps heat, keeps cold out, blocks sound, repels or retains water (depending on its application) and enables sustainable food production through horticultural systems. * *** ww.rockwool.com/carbonsavings ** Data are estimates based on a review of the scientific literature by Wageningen University. The data compare high tech greenhouse grown tomatoes on stone wool in Benelux with soil grown tomatoes in open fields in the Mediterranean area. Furthermore the calculation assumes an 80/20 split for greenhouse grown production with and without recycling of drainage water for stone wool grown crops in Benelux ÷ Anthony Abbotts÷ 31 October 2017 ÷ © ROCKWOOL International A/S
  36. 36. Focusing on 10 Sustainable Development Goals 35 Contributing to 10 SDGs requires minimising ROCKWOOL’s operational footprint and maximising the positive impact of our products. We will measure progress against selected targets within each SDG either through the Group’s Sustainability Goals or through the positive impact of our products where feasible. ÷ Anthony Abbotts÷ 31 October 2017 ÷ © ROCKWOOL International A/S
  37. 37. 36÷ Anthony Abbotts÷ 31 October 2017 ÷ © ROCKWOOL International A/S
  38. 38. 37÷ Anthony Abbotts÷ 31 October 2017 ÷ © ROCKWOOL International A/S
  39. 39. Our opportunity: net carbon positive 38 From household walls and roofs, to the vast tanks and pipes of a power station – stone wool keeps heat where it’s needed. ROCKWOOL building insulation can become ‘net carbon positive’ in as little as 200 days – meaning the carbon emitted during the production of building insulation is offset by the avoided emissions of the insulation’s use in buildings. For industrial insulation, this can happen in as little as half a day. ÷ Anthony Abbotts÷ 31 October 2017 ÷ © ROCKWOOL International A/S
  40. 40. 39 GRODAN is the global leader in the supply of innovative, sustainable stone wool substrate solutions for the professional horticultural sector based on Precision Growing principles. So that you can produce more safe, fresh food while using less water and fertilizers. It can take as little as 4 litresof water to grow 1kg of tomatoes in Grodan growing media compared to 300 litres in a field crop Yields on Grodan substrates in greenhouses, can reach up to approximately 65kgof tomatoes per square metre compared to approximately 20kg in soil-bound greenhouses Grow ÷ Anthony Abbotts÷ 31 October 2017 ÷ © ROCKWOOL International A/S
  41. 41. 40 ROCKFON provides customers with a complete ceiling system offer, combining stone wool ceiling panels with suspension grid systems, accessories and metal ceilings. With our solutions your voice can be clearly heard in any type of space or situation. The acoustic solutions from ROCKWOOL improve learning in schools. 70%In schools, up to 70% of the consonants spoken by teachers cannot be heard by pupils Focus ÷ Anthony Abbotts÷ 31 October 2017 ÷ © ROCKWOOL International A/S
  42. 42. The Future of Net Positive Strategies Questions? Sally Uren Louise Koch Anthony Abbotts