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Kineo Learning Designer Graduate Scheme

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Presentation by Matt Fox and Georgie Cooke about the Kineo graduate scheme. University of Sussex, June 2012

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Kineo Learning Designer Graduate Scheme

  1. 1. Learning Designer Graduate Scheme Matt Fox Georgie Cooke Confidential © 2012 Kineo. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. What are we looking for?Communicate complex ideas simply Write creatively in a range of styles Learning designers Understand new subjects quickly Work on multiple projects at once Work well in teams
  3. 3. Award-winning company, based in Brighton
  4. 4. Our clients
  5. 5. The training schemeTwo months initial trainingMentorGraduates training togetherLearning journalTeam placementsFormal training sessions
  6. 6. Team placements Sales Tech Graphics Build Testing
  7. 7. Formal training sessions The Learning Audio, video Writinglifecycle of theory and and effective a project design photoshoots questions Confidential © 2012 Kineo. All rights reserved.
  8. 8. What is the Learning Designer Graduate Scheme?On-the-job training programme for new or recent graduates2 – 4 places available12 month contract, with the opportunity for permanentemploymentStarts in September 2012
  9. 9. What we’re looking forExcellent communication skills, Ability to work flexiblyboth writing and presenting and on multiple projects Creative approach to problem solving Strong team playerGood time Ability to get ideas across to others simplymanagement – and in a range of engaging writing stylesan ability to work todeadlines Interest in working in new media
  10. 10. What’s next?Application by CV, covering letter and creative writingsamplesTo: jobs@kineo.comBy: 30th June 2012Interviews and selection process in July/early AugustAppointments in August for start in September
  11. 11. Creative writing examplesJournalism articles e.g. The BadgerBlog postShort story/extract of a storyRadio script, jingle, advert e.g. URFReviewsEssay
  12. 12. Thank Youwww.kineo.comenquiries@kineo.com01273 764070Custom, Rapid and Mobile E-Learning | Open Source LMS & Learning Portals | Blended Solutions |Consultancy & Capability Building Confidential © 2012 Kineo. All rights reserved.