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Finding first steps in life sciences

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Finding first steps in life sciences

  1. 1. Careers in Life Science
  2. 2. Session Aims • What do Life Science students do • How do I choose
  3. 3. •What will you be doing when you complete your studies? Work Study ???? Time out
  4. 4. How will you get there?
  5. 5. What do Graduates Do 2013 http://www.hecsu.ac.uk/current_projects_what_do_graduates_do.htm What Do Our (Sussex) Graduates Do http://www.sussex.ac.uk/careers/whatourgraduatesdo Research Past Student Destinations via Linkedin http://www.linkedin.com/edu/?trk=blog Graduates in the Labour Market
  6. 6. Graduate Distribution UK 2010/11
  7. 7. •Some career options with any degree Accountancy Publishing Banking Administration Civil Service Social Work Marketing Computing Journalism The City Information Insurance Broadcasting Law Police Conservation Sales Film Counselling Charities Health service Human Resources Retail Teaching Development
  8. 8. www.sussex.ac.uk/careers/careerchoices/yourdegree Using your Degree Example Professional Bodies www.rsc.org/careers-jobs/ Royal Society of Chemistry http://www.bps.ac.uk/careers British Pharmacological Society http://www.icr-global.org/ Institute of Clinical Research http://www.ibms.org/ Institute of Biomedical Science http://www.hpc-uk.org/ Health Care Professional Council http://www.sfn.org/careers-and-training/neurojobs-career-center Society for Neuroscience http://www.bna.org.uk/jobs/ British Neuroscience Association Check others for your specialism there are too many to list here!!!
  9. 9. Current interesting opportunities on our website CEC website Science jobsearch Use sector guides for specialist websites E.g. NHS Scientist Training Programme Link Food Science example link Science jobs Example link
  10. 10. Further Study - Research Resources Research further study Further study past students Things to do • Talk to Academics here • Talk to Post Graduate students • Talk to course providers • Talk to Careers Adviser
  12. 12. Careers Centre How to choose options Resources • Self Analysis • What skills do I have We have tools on our website & hand outs in the centre to help with this process!
  13. 13. Destination Offer Academic Personal Work Portfolio Evidence --------------  Life
  14. 14. Mind Mapping Tool CEC Skills link
  15. 15. Providing Evidence University Recruiter Expectation Offer Academic Personal Work Portfolio Evidence -------------- 
  16. 16. Creative Approaches- finding contacts Contacts you already have • Friends, family, friends of friends . • Academics • Contacts from past work experience, vacation work Contacts to find •Vacancies advertised in newspapers and on the web. •Use the contact details from the vacancy advert. •Names in journals, magazines, reports, the press. •The phone book and Yellow Pages (www.yell.com ) •Specialist directories and lists of companies •Alumni Careers Network •Linked in – Search facility
  17. 17. Build your experience - Get involved while you are at Sussex Lab work - Volunteer (Project V) – wider voluntary - www.do-it.org - Information interviewing, work shadowing, work experience, internships - Paid work- entry level positions - CEC Getting Experience Page - Learning to Lead 14-15 Leadership Programme
  18. 18. Up and Coming Events Check our Events Page • Careers Fair Wed 6 Nov • 100+ Employers Over half accept any degree • Science related include: Scientifica NHS SC Johnson etc Elekta Roche Novo Nordisk
  19. 19. What next? • Reflect on your skills • Research the sector & your options • Network • Build your experience • Search for vacancies • Write a CV
  20. 20. Taking action How are you going to move forward now? Action plan……..
  21. 21. cdec Career Development & Employment Centre Need more help? Come into the Careers & Employability Centre Ground Floor Library - Check the website - Book a one-to-one with a Careers Adviser - 01273 678429