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Sushi cat 4

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Sushi Cat and his wife decided to adopt a child – Sushi Jr. Sushi Jr. is an adorable purple kitten, who is very curious by nature. Sushi Cat and his wife decides one day to take Sushi Jr. to a local fair to ride all the rides and play all the games.

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Sushi cat 4

  1. 1. Sushi Cat 4 SushiCat and his wife decided to adopt a child – SushiJr. SushiJr. is an adorable purple kitten, who is very curious by nature. SushiCat and his wife decides one day to take SushiJr. to a local fair to ride all the rides and play all the games. Little did they realize what dangers lurked ahead for their newest bundle of joy. While Sushi Cat 2 and his wife had their back turned, someone sneakedup and catnapped their baby! SushiCat’s evil nemesis – Bacon Dog, is back! Help Sushi Cat and his wife rescue their baby! Type of Game: Flash; Puzzle; Strategy Graphics: The color scheme of this game uses pastel-like colors. Main Characters: SushiCat, His wife (Mrs. Cat), their baby (Sushi Jr.), and the evil nemesis Bacon Dog has returned to seek his revenge on SushiCat, by stealing his baby! Object: To play this game, you must drop SushiCat from the top of the game board, through each level’s puzzle like obstacles to get Sushi Cat to eat up as much of the sushias he can – and fill his belly. Filling his belly is the only way he can gain weight to be able to get past the obstacles that lie ahead and rescue his child from the evil clutches of Bacon Dog. Can you help him?
  2. 2. Lives: At the start of each round, you have 4 lives. Use yourlives wisely, or SushiCat may go hungry! Bonus Rounds: Every 4 levels, you have the option to participate in the bonus round. The bonus rounds vary, but by participating, you can increase your score even more to be able to purchase higherquality items from the gift shop. Options/Customizations: Ÿ Toggle sound: off/on Ÿ Change game/picture quality (helpful if you’re using slow internet connection)
  3. 3. Ÿ Back to Level Map Ÿ Reset level Additional features: Ÿ Share achievements on Facebook and Twitter Ÿ Spend your score points in the game shop Ÿ Save your game – even mid-level New features added: In addition to the features listed above, you can now sendand receive gifts from your Facebook and Twitter friends, challenge them in the Challenge Arena to see who can complete various Challenge games/puzzles the fastest (and earn more score points as a reward!), and even select whether to play asSushi Cat 2 game or Mrs. Sushi Cat! Gift items to friends: You can now gift yourfriends special items to help them in their journey to helping SushiCat rescue his baby. Items include: +1 life item, +1 Tongue Roll power-up item, +1 Yarn Ball power-up item, +1 Dragon Roll power-up item, and +1 Tsunami Roll power-up item – just to name a few. Spend score points in the game shop: Here’s a few items you can purchase from the in-game shop. Ÿ New outfits for SushiCat or his wife Ÿ Game enhancements (power-ups)
  4. 4. Ÿ Auto-complete level item (though it is pretty pricy!) Age Appropriate: As with all the previous SushiCat games – Sushi Cat 4 is appropriate for all ages. It does not have any violence, adult content, or adult language, making it suitable for children as young as 3 or 4 years old. Link download: http://sushi-cat2.com/