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Our Voice Biometrics Experience with Global enterprises

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Voice Biometric Solutions from SENSIPLE - USA. Reach us for success experiences and seamless deployment that quickens ROI and user adaptability.

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Our Voice Biometrics Experience with Global enterprises

  1. 1. Recent surveys have shown that 85% of people are dissatisfied with current authentication methods, which typically requires remembering multiple PINs, passwords, and security questions. A new Gartner report predicts that 30 percent of companies will use biometric identification by 2016. The US Contact Center Decision-Makers’ Guide 2014 (by ContactBabel ) states: “It takes an average of 26 seconds to verify a customer’s identity manually, and this mounts up considerably: the US contact center industry spends around $20 billion each year, just to verify that the caller is who they claim to be. “ Racing to address this pressing customer need for a more natural, pleasing and seamless authentication process, Sensiple has come up with the most advanced and accurate speaker verification technology that authenticates well with improved security ensures regulatory compliance, while reducing costs. Sensiple, with its years of experience in real world voice biometrics deployments, helps to effectively handle risks and mitigation strategies, and has proven advanced approaches, frameworks and tools to securely and automatically confirm the identity of customers – using just the sound of their voice. Hello, is that really you? Incidents such as Target data breach and Neiman Marcus Breach, which exposed more than 110 Million cards, only reinforces the need for Voice Biometrics. Voice authentication fits into your existing security approach either as a stand-alone solution or as an additional layer of security. This makes it suitable for multi-factor authentication which is gaining rapid adoption around the world. n Something you know: data like a password, PIN or personal question n Something you are: a person’s unique physical characteristic, such as their voice n Something you have: an ID card or token with serial number VoiceBiometrics-KeyBenefits n Improving Caller Experience: Quick enrollment which takes just 30 seconds of the Customer’s time to record a voice print and store for further verification. By verifying a person’s identity using their voice, the entire verification process can be reducedto a mere 5 seconds and is fully automated within the IVR n Zero Fraud Transactions: High-risk Internet transaction can be done with almost zero fraud with voice biometric authentication.It helps us cut the risk of impostors using identity information to access personal and financial records. n Complying with Regulations: Can process millions of transactions in a PCI Level 3 DSS Compliant, and high availability environment. It will help us complywith 2012 authentication standards imposed by FFIEC (Federal Financial Institutions Examinations Council) n Convenient yet Cost effective: Voice verification is cost effective (no specialized biometric collection devices for end-users or specialized infrastructure hardware), non-intrusive and can be used to verify easily and conveniently authenticate remote transactions. n High levels of accuracy: Our voice biometric engine can deliver a false accept rate of 0.01% while maintaining overall false reject rates of less than 5%. www.sensiple.com
  2. 2. Corporate Office 1000 Route 9 North, Suite 303 Woodbridge, NJ 07095 Phone : 732 283 0801 Fax : 732 283 0489 Omaha Office 13011 Scott St, Omaha, NE 68142 Phone : 402 505 7790 Fax : 402 505 7798 With over 14 years of unique expertise in cutting-edge voice solutions, biometrics and speech based technologies, Sensiple is a global innovation player in the field of multi-factor voice authentication, speech recording, processing, analyzing, optimizing solutions for Financial Institutions, Telecommunication, healthcare, and Government enterprises. Sensiple, has over 300 employees worldwide including 100 technical specialists, R&D specialists and software developers. We have one of the largest R&D Department of any Voice Biometrics company. Sensiple is a privately-owned company, headquartered in New Jersey, US, with additional offices in Nebraska, Singapore and India. INDUSTRY CHALLENGES SENSIPLE’S SOLUTIONS Financial Institutions n Almost 75% of financial call centers were hit by organized fraud rings in 2013 according to a recent Aite Group Research report n Banks and insurance companies are the most heavily hit by identity theft and lose billions of dollars each year as a result n Phone Banking Authentication n Password Reset n e-Banking Transaction Security n Transparent Conversational Authentication Healthcare n The economic consequences of medical identity theft was over $40B in the US alone n An exploited default password at the user authentication level granted a hacker from Eastern Europe complete access to the Utah Dept. of Technology Service’s (DTS) server, breaching 780k Medicaid patient health records n Contact Center Security n Secured Access to Patient Information n Password Reset Telecommunication n Secure Telephony and Authenticate Callers n Contact Center Security n Secure Access to Value-Added Services m-Commerce n Password Reset Government n Voice authentication is being explored by governments to prevent identity theft and corruption in payment programs such as pension funds and social assistance programs which has the potential to save billions of dollars worldwide n Offender Monitoring n Voice Mining n Immigration Control n Contact Center Security Industry Challenges Sensiple’s Solutions Contact Us Is Voice Biometrics Right for You? Morethan40millioncustomershavealreadyenrolledtheirvoiceprintsforfastauthentication.Voicebiometrics- based solutions have become an important part of the multi-factor authentication and fraud prevention plans for banks, telecommunications carriers and government agencies around the world, states Opus Research. The industry is poised to become more prevalent as it proves its efficacy for various industries: www.sensiple.com