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International Terrorism

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International Terrorism

  2. 2. TERRORISMTerrorism is a act of destruction, fear that iscreated in the minds of all people and that isun-ethical to society, politics,etc., in everyground. The use of force or violence againstpersons or property in violation of the criminallaws of a Government. The person whoperforms such brutal act is tagged as a‘terrorist’.
  3. 3. Causes of Terrorism…Most terrorist acts result from dissatisfactionwith a religious, political or social system orpolicy and frustration resulting from aninability to change it through acceptable nonviolent means.
  4. 4. Motives for terrorism…•Producing widespread fear.•Attracting the attention of the media.•Weakening or embarrassing theGovernment.•Extorting money and weapons.•Destroying or disrupting lines ofcommunication.•Damage infrastructure.•Disrupt normal life.•Direct killing of enemies.
  5. 5. Results or Effects of Terrorism…•Gives power to powerless.•Causes great psychological shock.•Loss of innocent lives.•Disruption of normal lives.•Creates a topsy-turvy situation for aGovernment.
  6. 6. Types of Terrorism…Mainly two types-•Domestic or National Terrorism.•International Terrorism.The others are-•State Terrorism.•Religious Terrorism.•Issue oriented Terrorism .
  7. 7. International TerrorismThe unlawful use of force or violencecommitted by a group or individual, who hassome connection to a foreign power orwhose activities transcend nationalboundaries, against persons or property tointimidate or coerce a Government, thecivilian population, or any segment thereof,in furtherance of political or socialobjectives.
  8. 8. International Terrorist Groups orOrganization•Al-Qaeda from Afghanistan lead by Osamabin Laden.•Abu Nidal Organization(ANO) from Libyalead by Sabri-al-Banna.•The Harakat ul-Ansar(HUA) from Pakistanlead by Maulana Saadatullah Khan.
  9. 9. Terrorist Activities…•On 11th September, 2001 Al-Qaeda lead byOsama bin Laden hijacked four passengerplanes and flew into the World Trade Centerand The Pentagon.•Terrorists from Pakistan attacked theParliament of India on 13th December, 2001.Gun attack happened which lead to thekilling of 9 policemen and the 5 terrorists.•Attack on Mumbai at two prime hotels on26th November, 2008.
  10. 10. Weapons Used…•Fertilizer Bombs.•Dynamite.•Human Bomb.•Automatic and Semi-Automatic and Pistols.•American Stinger.•AK-47.
  11. 11. Minds behind suchacts…Mainly learned persons involve in such typeof activities, whom we would not suspect tobe a terrorist. There are engineers to doctorsto graduate students even pilots who areexpertise in their domain. They are all geniusand have one of the finest brains. Theyindulge with perfect planning and timings intheir acts.
  12. 12. Conclusion…Good and Evil remains side by sidemaintaining a balance with each other.Terrorism cannot be fully stopped but can onlybe reduced.
  13. 13. Presented by… Sayantan Sur BCA-2 Thanking You