molecular structure chemical bonding and molecular structure organic chemistry structure of atom periodic properties atomic models chemistry some basic concepts of chemistry laws of thermodynamics thermodynamics properties of gases gas laws gaseous state chemical bonding classification of elements atomic structure isomerism halo arenes halo alkanes bases alkanes alkynes alkenes thermo chemistry states of matter ncert chapter1 class xi iupac nomenclature structural isomers alkyl halides aryl halides acids hydrocarbons hydrogen periodic trends electrons atom atomic theory structure basics basics of chemistry thermochemistry gases and liquids periodic properties of elements periodic classification of elements periodicity in elements chemical arithmetics chemical arithmetic calculations in chemistry basic concepts of chemistry reaction intermediates carbanions carbocations reaction mechanism different types of organic reactions organic chemistry nomenclature organic nomenclature ncert class 11 chapter2 stoichiometry effects in organic compounds such as inductive eff hyperconjugation types of organic compounds resonance electromeric effect basic principles in organic chemistry. basics of o benzene ddt chloroform carbon tertrachloride cfc material questions and answers ph of the substance. arrhenius theory functional group chemical change physical change synthesis conversions basic conversions geometrical isomers cis-trans isomers optical isomers jee weightage analysis topics ncert syllabus complexes coordination compounds complex compounds actinides transition elements lanthanides f block d block pvc polymers soaps insecticides proteins biomolecules rna vitamins dna amines ketones carboxylic acids aldehydes alcohols ethers phenols p block nitrogen oxygen sulphur molecules general principles isolation surface chemistry absorption adsorption catalyst chemisorption surfactant chemical kinetics first order rate of reaction half life period second order solution solvent saturated solution solute bcc solids unit cell fcc density of unit cell environmental chemistry equilbrium water hydrogen peroxide boron p- block elements periodic table atomic radius reduction oxidation redox reactions s- block elements periodicity elements protons electronic configuration
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