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  1. 1. ABERATHNE K.H.A.S.M.W 443/3, In front of the school Udawela, Agalawatte 12200 Mobile: +94 766 755 516 khasuresh@yahoo.com OBJECTIVES To be a Chemical and Process Engineer who rich in technical skills and human qualities for better working. To do any kind of works rather than engineering for betterment of the entire society. EDUCATION Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Chemical and Process Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Peradeniya (To be completed October 2016) Current GPA of 3.11 on a 4.0 scale Areas covered: Process Control Thermodynamics Chemical Reaction Engineering Process Plant Design Optimization and Operation research Energy Technology for Process Industry Process Equipment Design Projects: 1. Investigation of suitable moisture content for producing sesame oil with improved anti-oxidant activity using a screw expeller (supervisor: Dr. M.A. Elangasinghe, Co-supervisor: Prof. R. Shanthini) 2. Design of an evaporation pan for improving the Juggery making process from Palmyrah/Kithul treacle through uniform temperature distribution using COMSOL (supervisor: Dr. M.A. Elangasinghe, Co- supervisor: Prof. R. Shanthini) 3. Design of a cane juice clarifier in sugar manufacturing process (supervisor: Dr. A. Manipura) EXPERIENCE  Industrial training Kamal PVC Industries Pvt Ltd, Rathmalana (from 20 th October 2014 to 11 th January 2015).  Learnt about injection molding process and extrusion process.  Modified the existing material balance program for an injection molding factory.  Energy audit for replacing mercury bulbs from LED bulbs.  Improve the handling and utilization of human resources. Milco Pvt Ltd, Ambewela (from 26 th October 2015 to 03rd of January 2016)  Learnt spray dried milk powder and butter manufacturing processes.  Studied and identified the unit operations and auxiliaries of dairy process such as heat exchangers, dryers, evaporators, cream separator, boiler and etc.  Performed case studies for boiler breakdown, energy loss of feed tank of boiler and cooling tower.  Performed laboratory experiments for raw milk, milk powder and butter.
  2. 2.  Bank training One year training experience in Bank of Ceylon, Agalawatte branch Three months training experience in People’s Bank, Baduraliya branch  Obtained proper experiences for account openings, cash deposits, cash withdrawals, bill payments and pawning vouchers handling.  People awareness on importance of saving.  Attended to various training programmes and workshops organized by bank . EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES  Member of Institute of Engineers Sri Lanka (IESL)  Member of the Students Union in Faculty of Engineering, University of Peradeniya.  Member of International Interaction club in University of Peradeniya.  Member of Society of Chemical and Process Engineering Students.  Prefect of D.D Athulathmudali College, Matugama’ in 2007.  Event leader of the games at D.D Athulathmudali College, Matugama. TECHNICAL SKILLS  MATLAB  COMSOL  Solid Works  Microsoft Office DECLARATION I hereby certify that above particulars are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. Suresh Abeyrathne Date: REFERENCES Dr. Elangasinghe M.A Prof. Shanthini R Senior lecturer Senior proffesor Department of Chemical and Process Engineering Department of Chemical and Process Engineering Faculty of Engineering Faculty of Engineering University of Peradeniya University of Peradeniya Contact phone number: +94727484436 Contact phone number: +94715326835 Email :anushkae@pdn.ac.lk Email: rshanthini@pdn.ac.lk