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Texual research.


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Texual research.

  1. 1. Price is £3.99 Very small to hide t from the consumers, make the rest of the mag draw them in and then find out the price Sub-Image and sub- Heading tells you more about the magazine, what your liking going to find inside. Headline is bold and very powerful, tells you about the main article of the magazine Buzz words: Rare! Exclusive! Shows a reason why you should buy this magazine. Layout is very organised, not very cluttered. Seems to be aimed to an older market. Graphic Plug, showing added contents which may attract certain people Main Image, shows David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust, an iconic image very recognisable
  2. 2. The featured articles are shown with pictures then the page number in a red box so its easily recognisable and easy to find in the magazine. The main article is just a photo of the Muppets which is different to the way the other articles are laid out this is much easier to read this way also it’s the biggest picture so it draws you in. The subscription is on the contents page shows that they want to hook you into subscribing to the magazine The review done by Q its self is on the bottom right this time the article picture has some text next to it to show you a little nugget of the article to draw you in The front page is shown at the top of the page on to link the contents page to its front cover and also it’s a common Q convention so it reminds the audience on why they open the magazine and also how much other stuff is in the magazine The regular section of it is a common convention, showing you what the magazine offers most issues also gives the page numbers and a brief description
  3. 3. A pull to open the double page spread, with the title in bold so easily recognisable. a lot of text across the double page to me suggests a heavy reading. More pictures of chas and dave, making the article relatable. Photo of the two of them on the page is a large medium clearly showing who the interview is about. Pull quote highlighted in red drawing the reader in to the magazine. Colours follow the same theme across the page.
  4. 4. Headline– Main chunk in red, its bold tells the reader what its going to be about however the rest of the lines are in white still important but not there to catch the readers attention. NME is bold and red. Stands out makes it easily recognisable Sub-Heading tells you more about the magazine, what your liking going to find inside. The photo of Jarvis Cocker, is very rebellious and mirrors the behaviour of pulp. Black and white shows nostalgia Colour Scheme is black, red and white. Shows the rock culture of anger and violence. Its realised just after the students riots so it reflects relevant events “About F*#king Time” font is personal looks hand written mirrors graffiti
  5. 5. The contents page is very easy to read and uses main articles within the magazine are highlighted here with the use of pictures with the page number and a pulled quotes with a brief summary of the article. The main article is a bigger picture showing its prominence in the magazine. The fonts reflect the style of the artist. The subscription is on the contents page shows that they want to hook you into subscribing to the magazine Free Poster – Buzz word Shows you that your going to get something free later on interests the reader to buy and read it. The plus sections is smaller because its what else is in the magazine also the less important article or the regular things that are always in the magazine
  6. 6. A main photo take us one half of the page. Other side is a bright side, with a good sized article with pull quotes throughout with a column that stands out drawing the reader in. colour are very bright which I like, however mainly used to draw attention to the article. Having him in black and white contracts the article itself.
  7. 7. Buzz words: Free CD! Bonus Mag! Anniversary Special! Shows a reason why you should buy this magazine. Band logo is embedded into the Headline, showing prominence and boldness. 40th Anniversary Special, tells you what the magazine is mainly about. Shows secret history intrigues the audience in. The art work is very unusual it looks like an old book, reflects nostalgia, the art work draws you in to the main picture of the lead singer of the band, in his iconic school uniform. This reflects the iconic nature of AC/DC. Also the text in the middle has a flow and a wave to the way the text is laid out The front cover is very centralised, with all the text in the middle drawing the readers eyes into the centre of the page also its very minimalistic intrigues the audience in
  8. 8. Plug at the top, makes the audience notice the contents of it. Also most of the contents page is black and white to show nostalgia of the classic bands The picture of AC/DC takes up about 80% of the page showing the emphasis of the nostalgia of the band to the reader Cover story features a year that most of the readers will be able to reference too, uses the word history to show the age of the contents, also there is a use of a boarder to show order of the page There is only a couple of features on the page following the minimalistic style of this contents page. Another plug on the page drawing the readers into the rest of the magazine
  9. 9. On one side of the page there is one main photo with a pull quote on top of it which pushed all the text to one side of the page. I like this style of making a double page spread however it would have been nice to have the picture over the double page spread. But I like the contrast of black and white across the page