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Supernova Startup Accelerator

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Supernova is an intense startup acceleration program that provides pre-seed investment + mentorship + infrastructure + connections to founders of web & mobile startups. Entrepreneurs build their product under the guidance of other successful entrepreneurs, product experts, and investors - taking it from an idea to a fundable business.

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Supernova Startup Accelerator

  1. 1. investors | mentors | partners summary
  2. 2. In a nutshell Supernova is an intense startup acceleration program that provides pre-seed investment + mentorship + infrastructure + connections to founders of web & mobile startups. Entrepreneurs build their product under the guidance of other successful entrepreneurs, product experts, and investors - taking it from an idea to a fundable business. www.supernovabr.com
  3. 3. ★ based in south Brazil: Curitiba #3 world’s smartest cities, Forbes 2009*. We are also reaching startups in Porto Alegre and Florianópolis ★ designed for startups that developSupernova is web-base applications, software or service that has a national or global reach. ★ partial to social media, consumer web, b2b and b2c source: http://www.forbes.com/2009/12/03/ infrastructure-economy-urban-opinions- www.supernovabr.com columnists-smart-cities-09-joel- kotkin_slide_4.html
  4. 4. Why invest in Brazil? ...and much more www.supernovabr.com
  5. 5. Brazil’s digital market and startups are growing fast, and are expected to continue in the forthcoming years users with internet access users that buy online e-commerce turnover # of startups funded 39,0 million 2007 BRL 6,3 billion 5 9,5 million 62,3 million BRL 8,2 billion 2008 10 13,2 million 66,3 million BRL 10,6 billion 2009 7 17,6 million 73,7 million 2010 BRL 14,8 billion 21 23,0 million 78,5 million 2011* BRL 19 billion 64*estimates 32,0 million investments in startups 2005-2008 US$ 300 million 2011 US$ 750 million source: Ibope, camara e-net, e-bit, Telebrasil, Anatel, www.supernovabr.com Cláudio Furtado (FGV) and Censo Brasileiro da Indústria de Private Equity e Venture Capital
  6. 6. Nearly one third of graduates in Brazil intend to foundits own company 5 years after graduating career intentions after graduation (%) * Soon after graduating 5 years after graduating 30,3 to work in a big company (250 or more employees) 8,1 8,4 to found my own company 27,1 www.supernovabr.com *source: GUESSS Report 2011 - supported by Ernest & Young
  7. 7. ★ creating a vibrant and educational ambient to boost entrepreneurshipHow can Supernova ★building trust between founders, investors and other stakeholders. help? ★ establishing connections that impact positively on the local ecosystem ...and much more www.supernovabr.com
  8. 8. With an intensive acceleration program, we help startups to refineideas, build and execute a validated business model that culminateswith a investor day where we will help them pitch to a selected groupof Angel investors,VCs and Private Equity groups for next stagefunding. ★ twice a year, 6-10 great talented teams are selected ★ each startup share a percentage of their equity (i.e. Commom Stock) ★ free co-working space is offered with other essential amenities promoting collaboration and synergies between teams ★ a mentor pool is formed by successful entrepreneurs, executives, investors and domains experts that will work intensively with teams during the 3-month program ★ the program ends with a “demo day” where teams will pitch to international and national Business Angel, Venture Capitalists and Corporate Investors acceleration building execution finale ★ refine idea (data, data, ★ release Beta version ★ validate business model ★ demo day data) ★ refine business model ★ first customers ★ investor pitch ★ engage mentors ★ graduation ★ next steps www.supernovabr.com
  9. 9. Supernova builds a vibrant ecosystem by getting allplayers closely connected to the rise of startups mentors investors partners startups Supernova www.supernovabr.com
  10. 10. what’s in it for the mentors? BenefitsProfile of the Mentors ★ early look at exciting startups, leading to potential advisory and board roles &Successful investment opportunities.entrepreneurs ★have fun supporting high caliber teams working on actual startups.Academics and ★ expand your network with other talented mentorship and passionate mentors & entrepreneurs whilstopinion leaders supporting real startups. one day visit at our office: ★ possibilities of early due diligenceInvestors ★ ★30 min presentation ★ private feedback session ★ access to technology, both innovative and with each team (30 min) cheapDirectors of ★ If interested, follow-up meetings ★ early detection of future trendsbig companies with the chosen startup(s) ★ that warm fuzzy feeling of giving back to the community. www.supernovabr.com
  11. 11. what’s in it for the investors?Profile of the Investors Type Key benefits ★ get a % of each startup’s equity internal investors: invest inAngel investors the program (pre-seed ★ receive startups performance reporting ★ opportunity to be a mentor funding to startups) ★ early due diligence meetings ★ reduce investment risksVenture ★ more informed decisions to follow-up investmentscapitalists ★ other negotiable terms and benefits ★ receive very high-quality pipeline of ventures to external investors: invest at invest inEarly stage VC’s the end of the program (seed funding or series A) ★ reduce investment risks, as startups are more mature and ready for following funds both ★ reduce the need for due diligence as that rolePrivate equity performed by Supernova ★ reduce the cost and time required to find newfirms companies to work with ★Get first sight of new technology and ability to map trends in startups. www.supernovabr.com
  12. 12. what’s in it for the partners?Profile of the Partners Benefits associate their brand with supporting newaccountancy firms ★ businesses. ★ new customers in the form of the startupslaw firms ★ general recognition throughout the program and demo dayweb operations partnership ★ opportunity to participate as speaker during program and demo dayPR firms ★ provide sponsorship; and/or ★ provide free services and/or discounts for startupssales & mktdevelopment &IT www.supernovabr.com
  13. 13. ★ investment opportunities ★ mentor talented entrepreneurs ★ expand your network ★ access to new technologiesWhat’s in it forme? ★early detection of future trends ★ associate your brand with others ★ a lot of fun! www.supernovabr.com
  14. 14. Intrigued? info@supernovabr.comExcited?JOIN OUR NETWORK NOW! www.supernovabr.com