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Summerhill Community Ministries Newsletter Nov04

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Summerhill Community Ministries Newsletter Nov04

  1. 1. - . - ,- .--. $ -& --- 0 t# f 9 - - - L .. -. r r C : ,cF . ,m+.n-. - - -- - 8 Summerhill community Ministries, Inc. (~ovekb-' MAILING ADORESS- Summerhill Community Ministries, Inc , Cl . - c - - Kids P.O. Box 160294 Atlanta, 6A 30316 has a hard time calming down. I Phone: (404) 964-4604 Email: 1 justinascme juno.com or nlindsey@juno.com IMPORTANT NOTICES 1' j 'Y ,i Jeremy has had a rough time SCM is in the process of obtaining our own 501 (c)3. We covet your prayers for this endeavor. Redemption - kicked & attempted t o bite Fellowship has been so gra- cious in allowing us to use - another adult. By this time them as our receiving we all realize we need to lift agent. You may still send yj r this child up before the Lord your checks for SCM to Todd & Jeremy: constantly. After a few con- Redemption or our P.O. Box Two that have been on versations with Jeremy, I until the end of the year. our hearts these Past few began to see where he was a t After Dec. 31, please weeks. Todd (10) J ~ (5)Y in his thinking. He and Todd make checks payable to joined our After School Pro- are hurting, angry, and con- Summerhill Community gram this y-. Some of You fused children who desire Ministries, Inc. and mail mQy mY newsletter attention & need to know them to the P.O. Box from S e p t e m k 2003, where their Heavenly Father. Please above. Since, SCM is incor- Iha red a h ~2tteenage boys pray with us as we share the porated and in the process who brutally shot and killed a bve of Christ with odd of applying for non-prof it rnan because he had taken the status, donations are tax life of their friend (who was deductible. Receipts will the father of Trendevious, continue to be sent quar- one of our campers from the terly. Iyou are missing a f summer). Todd & Jeremy are Uov. 13- Flog Fc~lrboll BaR. receipt, please let us know. k% the sons of this murdered w As we apply for our 501 (c) - 'rnan. We can only imagine how these young boys have handled 3, we will be spending a lot living without their Dad and of time on filling out impor- the reality of the harsh way tant paperwork with a law- 7did: KncGwi@-their history, - yer's help and submitting it Jennifer & 1 to prepare had to the IRS. Please also our tutors and volunteers for pray that the almost what t o expect. Todd plays 1$1,700 needed to pay a the 'protective, big brother lawyer and the IRS appli- role'. He informs us about cation fee will be raised, as Jeremy's behavior at home & well as for favor in receiv- in school. I f he sees Jeremy ing our official granting of acting out, he feels he must the 501 (C) 3. We will keep tend to Jeremy and calm him you updated on our pro- down or pull him away. How- gress. ever, if anyone appears to be THANK YOU FOR YOUR taunting or hitting his CONTINUED SUPPORT! brother, he becomes very de- fensive, angry, and sometimes